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From: (Mike Brando )
The 'Earth2' mailing list located at '' serves as a host for Earth2: Eden Advance, a fan club for supporters of Earth2. To get more information on the club, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Earth2: Eden Advance, P.O. Box 733, Westminster, CA 92684-0733 or visit our web site at . You can also send an e-mail message to , for more information.

Items are annotated with person(s) who contributed the material or comment, usually as the one "first to post". Direct comments when possible to that person especially when requesting the original material (see section below on reducing list mail). For comments regarding this summary, contact

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Earth 2: Eden Advance (E2EA) Topics:
Vivien puts out a call for a volunteer to produce an E2EA FAQ and would be willing to assist.

Felicia reported on the non-profit status of the club: Basically there's a form that needs to be turned in to get a temporary non-profit number and the club has 15 months from June 1 to get the rest of the paperwork turned in. There are two ways to form the club, the first way is as just a private club out to have fun, the second way is to set up as public supported. A public club has advantages over the private club such as possibilities for tax deductioons for member contributions and the ability to apply for public grants and such. Felicia offers to continue to work on this after August 22nd.

The Transition Team distributed an E2EA Committee Structure Proposal to all members. So far feedback is very supportive of the proposal as outlined. Further updates will be distributed.

E2EA List'iquette:
Try not to include entire blocks of text in replies, only what's appropriate. Use general keywords like 'DISCUSSION','HUMOR',etc. in the subject line in order to let people know what the post regards. Alicia reserves subject heading 'ALL READ' for list administrative purposes.

E2EA Contact: Alicia
earth2 - Main list for E2EA
earth2-digest - Digest version of 'earth2'.
To subscribe to either list send mail to MAJORDOMO@STARGAME.ORG with the words,


in the BODY of your mail message

The Dream Plane Newsletter:
E2EA Contact: Stacy

The Dream Plane may be obtained by sending a "SASE to the E2EA club box, Earth2: Eden Advance, P.O. Box 733, Westminster, CA 92684-0733. Those outside the U.S., send a self-addressed envelope to the P.O. box listed above. With the envelope, include International Postal Coupons but DON'T affix them to the envelope. The coupons will be used to get stamps which will allow the material to be sent back.

Volunteers: Drop a note to editor, Stacy, if you're interested in writing for the DP. If you live in the L.A. area and would like to help stuff envelopes, then drop a note to Shoshona .

E2EA Convention:
E2EA Contact: Julie

Julie reports: The ConCom has been working hard these past few weeks and thanks all who have e-mailed questions and suggestions. The Con will be held over a three-day weekend in Albuquerque, N.M. in the Spring of '96 (April/May). The ConCom is in contact with hotels, the N.M. Convention Bureau and Film Commission, bus tour agencies, Amblin/Universal, and other Con organizers. They now have letterhead and will start writing official letters to celebrity guests, etc.

Julie also says the ConCom letterhead incorporates a nice E2:EA logo (with thanks to Tim Hein's graphics) which could be used by the larger group. Julie says Tim Hein will put it up on his web page this weekend.

Discussion Topics this Week:

E2EA funding and fundraising ideas. Discussion began as a question of whether or not funding should be for Skyad Emmy flyover or for things like the convention. Many pointed out that the Skyad, like the Variety ad, could be viewed as a "pledge" supported idea where people that like the idea pledge, people that don't, do not. Therefore the Skyad is not in itself receiving E2EA funding.

Clancy roles: Various roles played by CB and how the portrayed character usually meet a demise in the film.

The Boy Who would be Terrian King - Discussion on what happened to Danziger and how a region came to be named after Morgan.

Kristina offers these topics for discussion:
- Remember the food thing? vegeterianism (vege-TERRIAN-ism!)
- why both Uly and Julia have their mothers' names
- why the need for marraige contracts with specific terms? (church of morgan)


Vivien noted that in a recent edition of the Daily Variety, NBC congradulates Earth2 along with its other Emmy nominees and states: "We proudly congradulate the many talented individuals who have helped make '94-'95 such a winning season for us, for television, and for our viewers."


Universal mail:

Tom Thayer
Universal Television
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 500-12
Universal City, CA 91608

Amblin Contact:

Michael Duggan
c/o Amblin Entertainment
100 Universal Plaza, Bungalow 477
Universal City, CA 91608

Other Networks/Papers:

Debbie plans to place E2EA club info in the STARLOG club news section.

Herman is working on an E2 letter for the editor at C|Net Central.

Kristina says that Starweek (tv guide section) from the Toronto Star had an article on how last season was not a good one for shows protraying strong womam roles since shows like Earth2 were canceled.

Eva reported that the Chicago Tribune on Saturday, July 22 had an unflattering article about why Earth2 was cancelled titled: "NBC says Earth2 Didn't Measure Up. Fans can write to the Trib, to express their feelings to:

Chicago Tribune
435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
Attn: Letters OR email:

Debbie saw an article in the July 29th edition of TV Guide that stated CBS is really having problems with one of its mid-season replacement shows, a cop show called "Off Duty".

Mike found an article in the San Jose Mercury News which quotes Leslie Moonves as stating: "In simple dollars and cents, the younger demographic brings in more money -- period. To ignore that is stupid. By the same token, to totally throw away the older viewers is also stupid." Following the SJMN observation that Moonves must "show significant ratings improvement, especially among 18- to 49-year-old viewers -- the ones advertisers cherish most."

CBS contact info:

Leslie Moonves
Entertainment. President
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90036
51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

ABC contact info:


ABC TV Viewer Services
77 West 66th St.
New York, NY 10023
(212) 456-7777

Mr. Ted Harbert
President of ABC Entertainment
2040 Avenue of the Stars, 6th Floor
Century City CA 90067
(213) 644-7777

Turner contact info:

Robert Levi
Executive Vice President
Program Administration & Acquisitions
Turner Entertainment Networks
1050 Techwood Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: (404) 885-4651, Fax: (404) 885-4947

Fan Work:


"Natural Talents" by Joan Powers 2/2

"Two True" by Katherine Tate> 4/4


MAO posted an article from which wonders if Julia had wanted to speak to Alonzo about her council connections before Alonzo cut her off.

I looked in and finally found out what tv show Gharlane DOES like, the answer" "MY MOTHER THE CAR". With taste like that, it's no wonder he dosen't like Earth2.


Mary will meet Ann and John White, and Kelly Dubose at the NovaCon in Tysons Corner, VA, on Saturday, July 29

Dawn reported that 90 or so people took her EA flyers at the con she went to.

Patrick reports that the GEN-CON Game Fair is being held in Milwaukee, WI, August 10-13. And wants to know if other Edenites are going. GEN-CON, it is one of the biggest game fairs around the world and hopes to find some E2 "STUFF" at some of vendors that are there.



Gina : wonders if one of the E2 actors/actresses could be persuaded to lend their voice to use with the 800 number.

Mary is collecting pledges for the Skyad, send all pledge donnations to Mary (only). As of 7/27 Mary has received $340 in pledges. Michael posted the current list of suggestion for the banner. Send corrections to Michael.

Mary offers the following description of what the Skyad Pledges are paying for:

"Skyads will fly over the Emmy site in Pasadena on Sunday, September 10, for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours with an Earth 2 friendly slogan. Skyads will hook five foot black letters visible from 1,000 feet to form slogan. Also, prior to the Emmys, on a hot, southern California weekend, Skyads will fly banners with two foot black lettering with an Earth 2 slogan as well. All for the reasonable price of $1200."

Shoshona advises that the flyover will AT LEAST be shown on the local news in Tinsel Town country.


Jeff just returned from Universal Studios and reports that G889 is now a destination on Star Tours, the ET ride, and Back to the Future ride. Earth 2 is talked about twice on the Tram ride at Universal Studios.

Debbie says that there is a company called: S&P Parker's Movie Market, PO Box 1868 Laguna Beach, CA 92652 Tel.:(714) 376-0326 that has some E2 photos available.

Nicole offered a trivia quiz, "Name that quote" which Brian among others, answered correctly:
"I hate that Devon woman, Ms. stop-the-world-my-son-is-sick-my- cyborg-tutor-and-I-want-to-get-off."
- Morgan to Bess
"We were perhaps foolish to believe there was no intelligent life here."
- Yale (to Devon? or maybe to the group)
"You're crazier than I'd heard..."
- Danziger to Devon, near the end of the 2-hour premiere. "I come with a variety of excavation accessories, of course they were all stolen."
- Zero (to Danziger)

Kristina observed that in Church of Morgan, ASjr was dancing with his real life girlfriend Virgina Madsen in the VR 'reception' after the wedding and wonders: DF with husband Gregory Hoblit (producer of Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, etc), and (probably) CB with his wife. Sharon ("Scoop") found out that except for Antonio & Virginia, Clancy & Lisa and John & Rebecca, the remainder of the cast worked with local actors. Vicky found out the woman who danced with Danziger also played Elle in the VR scene with True. She is Lisa Ebeyer and is one of the Grendlers.

Member News:

Anne wrote that our very own, July Siebecker was on the NPR program Car Talk this week asking about her '85 Nissan Sentra. (Anne, did she put a plug in for New Pacifica Nissan?).

Kath would like to hear from other Aussie members.

Update(s) from last week:

The name of the CBS Entertainment President was incorrectly listed as "Leslie Moonvies", should be "Leslie Moonves"

Daily G889: "All the news we can fit!"

>From The Daily G889, New Pacifica's first daily newspaper.
Another banner week in the new business announcements from the Public Notices Section:

Mark announces the opening of TPN, the Terrian Psychic Network where you can speak to your own Personal Terrian Psychic. Using Their patented DreamPlane (TM) Technology, TPN will not only tell you your future, they'll even show it to you!! A bargain at ONLY $9.95 PER CALL.

Sue Cotton is pleased to announce the grand opening of New Edens newest consumer paradise: The *** BARTER GENERAL STORE ***

Alexis> announces the opening of the Bank of New Pacifica.

Will Hungerford announced the formation of "Pacifica Laboratories"

The Grendler Sporting Goods owned and operated by Anne announces their: LANDING DAZE SALE! She notes:
During this special sale there will be
NO cutting in line by popping up ahead of other customers
NO slobbering on the mechandise
NO geo-locking all the good stuff
NO sales to dealers

Vivien has been signed by Vicky of the Horde (not Hoard!) as a Rabid Clancyette (now appearing EXCLUSIVELY at the Hotel New Pacifica and not you-know-where). Vicky also pointed out the RC's do not yet have a manager, Andrea and SunWolf answered the call! Vicky decided to conduct a "Clancy-Off" to determine the manager and asks: All you Rabid Clancyettes get your thinking caps on and *privately* e-mail your best CB trivia questions.

MJH announced PACIFICADE, run by Kendall has officially become the first New Pacifica establishment to be recognized as "safe" by B.R.I.B.E. (Boy, the Daily G889 cost me quite a few Danziger Boilermakers, I wonder what this must'a cost!)

>From the TV Listings:

Ann , General Manager, KOBA-TV:

As a public service announcement, KOBA-TV would like to announce the forming of a new support group for Grendlers. BLOODAHOLICS ANONYMOUS will be meeting in the faculty lounge of Adair Consolidated Elementary School at 7:30 PM on Wednesdays. Please refrain from drooling on the carpet, please. Remember, that this 12-step group is primarily for Grendlers addicted to Human blood. However, colonists who are addicted to Terrian DNA are welcome, too.

Grendler Bar & Grille:
Proprieter: Shoshona

July stood and announced that The Bitchin' Grendler HotMamas From Swingin' G889 will temporarily be under new management by Anne who has kindly agreed to take on the heavy (and ok often *goopy*) burden! Annie is well-qualified and has won the band's trust and approval - in particular with that spoon thing she does and that spontaneous Nasty Taunting that she treated TGB&G to the other night after that terrian popped up under her kilt.

Debbie gained a round of applause as she balanced on top of a bar stool and had all the men and women singing the part of Bess and Morgan to the tune of "Green Acres" while Kim The official WAITRESS at The GB&G served up G889 beers:

Bess: G889 is the place to be,
Planet livin' is the life for me.
Desert spreading out so far and wide,
Keep the stations,
Just give me life planet side!

Morgan: No! The stations is where I'd rather be,
I hate Devon, Danziger and Uly.
I really detest Grendler drool.
Keep the Terrians just give me my council rule.

Bess: New life!
Morgan: New strife!
Bess: Fresh air!
Morgan: I don't care!

Morgan: You are my wife, oh, God, planet life! G889 we are here!