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>According to Entertainment Weekly - Ken Tucker:

... >A few letters directed at this guy might be worth the effort. EW is on >the net but somebody "ain't reading" what you are trying to do.

Well, here's the entire text (it's entertainment weekly No. 279, dated June 16, 1995). It's part of a larger article on the recent season cancellations on TV, covering such programs as My So-Called Life, The Mommies, and Northern Exposure. The theme of the article was shows that deserved extension, and shows that Mr. Tucker was glad to see go.

"Although I understand why NBC deep-sixed Earth 2--its mediocre ratings didn't yield even the cult following necessary to keep a major network interested in this sort of sci-fi franchise--its disappearance is still a disappointment. The writers were doing interesting things with the series' hardy-band-of-pioneers concept; unlike so much science fiction, there was actually a lot of character development going on. I liked the way even the protagonists who were supposed to be the heroes were prey to doubt, error, and occasional venality. But now we'll never find out whether Debrah Farentino's ailing character, Devon, will ever emerge from the suspended animation of her 'cold sleep.'"

Folks, I think now is the time to take pen in hand and write to EW. You won't be asking them to do something; you'll be *responding* to something they've done!! This makes our notes excellent candidates for their letters-to-the-editor column, which appears two weeks after the current publication.

We should mention the ongoing activity to keep the show alive and find a home for it. We should also stress all the problems E2 had this season-- the time slot, the preemptions, the lack of advertising on the part of the network--to demonstrate that with the proper support and regular broadcasting, this program can do well.

The address is

Entertainment Weekly
1675 Broadway
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"Email can be sent from Entertainment Weekly Online on the American Online service (keyword: EW).

All correspondence must include your name address, and daytime telephone number. Letters may be edited for clarity or length."

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