6/6 News

The news from 6/6

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Well, NBC did show "Flower Child" on the majority of local affiliates although from what I hear it occured at a WIDE variety of times with no forwarning. At least we got to see it. Feel free to call you local affiliate and thank them for showing it and be sure to ask for reruns during the summer. Speaking of reruns, it appears as though West Coasters will probably get some reruns during the summertime according to Preston Beckman of NBC.

As for the campaign to save E2 I encourage you to write to Ms. Lodato (check under addresses if you don't have the address). The letters are causing a bit of stir as they continue to show up on her desk. However, please try to get several people to write in since many letters from one are not quite as good as lots of letters from many (if you know what I mean). Also, do not include any money with the letters since it appears they are going to the bother of returning all the money. The critical time for letter writing is really over the next few weeks so GET BUSY!