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So it looks as though USA/Sci-Fi may have some interest in picking up E2. Here is the info I have from

Well this is unusual - I got valuable information from a network today *without making a long-distance call*! Well, kind of, anyway...but this info could possibly change somethings..... I came home today to a message on my answering machine from someone named Christine, who was asked to call me on behalf of Thomas Vitale. T. Vitale was the USA channel executive that I was told to talk to about E2 when I called there last week -can you believe he returned my call! Anyway, here's the message I got on my machine:
Christine said that Tom said to tell me that "we have no specific plans to get Earth 2, but we're definately discussing it. We like the show, it would be nice to have it, but nothing official has been done at this point."

Hmmp! So then I just had to make a long-distance call afterall - I called Christine back (she was also very nice, as long as we're keeping track of Nice Assistants!), to ask her 1.)is it USA or the SciFi channel that has the interest in the show (though I had called USA, she had identified herself as being from the SciFi channel) - she said they were closely related and that it could be either; 2.)would the network be considering just showing reruns of the existing episodes or producing/sponsoring/whatever a second season for the show - she said it could be either, she wasn't sure; & 3.)could the show's fans be of assistance in persuading the network to pick up E2 for another season...I told her about Earth 2 Foundations, how the show has a devoted and expanding fan base, about our letter-writing campaign to UPN...explained that if letters/email/phone calls from fans would help the network consider E2 seriously, that we could provide that! Christine hadn' t heard much about us yet, this was all new to her. To be honest I wasn't completely convinced that Christine was privy to deep-level info, but I got the address to which we should send letters:

Robin Bennett, Head of Viewer Services 1230 Avenue of the Americas NY, NY 10020

I asked if email was useful and what the address would be if it was, but she didn't know on either count. Finally, I asked her who would be the best person to contact if other people needed to ask about USA/SCIFI channel picking up E2, would it be Thomas Vitale? She kind of steered me away from that - wondering if she'll be in hot water if T.V. gets beseiged with phone calls - and gave me instead the viewer line #, (212)408-3679 which I suspect is one of those "record your message" lines.

So! This is all very interesting! Could this be a possibility? Should we consider switching our focus to USA/SCIFI channel? I think the first thing that we need to do is try to ferret out who would be the person @ USA who could give us a more solid sense of what the possibility is - I mean, are they just ruminating casually about Earth 2, thinking "gosh, wouldn't it be swell if...?" or are they talking to E2's bigwigs? To this end, I left another message for T. Vitale, but I'm not sure if I'll just get another call form Christine... In the meantime, I tried called UPN's Programming Dept. repeatedly today, in the hopes of getting a sense of how much mail they were getting from us and whether it was seeming at all persuasive, but nobody was answering the phone!
Will try again tomorrow, and don't worry, y'all will hear about whatever I find out! July
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