Raman Pfaff Holiday Greeting

Hello All!

Have a Great Holida!y Season!!
My new address is:
Raman Pfaff
5747 Ridgeway Dr. #11
Haslett, MI 48840

Ph. (517) 339-3508


Another year rolls around and I'm not sure that anything has really happened in my life. Sometimes I feel like a hamster sitting on a spinning wheel if you know what I mean. Anyway, I'll let you know what has transpired in my life this past year.

As some of you know I began running for fun last year (not to mention losing a bit of weight) and my goal this year was to break the twenty minute mark in a 5 kilometer race. I am proud to say that a mere two weeks ago I finally accomplished this feat with a smoking good time of l9:59. In the process I have lost a few pounds (40 actually) over the past l2 months. The last race of the year was yesterday and now I think I'll give up running for a bit and just do my daily aerobics. Some of the aerobics teachers think I'm nuts because I run 3-4 miles before aerobics class everyday. When I think about it, maybe I am nuts!

School of course rolls along and this will definitely be my final year prior to graduation OR they'll give me the boot, one or the other. With luck I'll get the degree and then sit in the unemployment line with all the other physicists I know of. (only computer geeks like myself need to read the rest of this paragraph) I of course had to buy a nice up- to-date computer in order to write my thesis and I bought a lovely new PowerPC. I really enjoy the power of the Macintosh and with all the power I've been spending an awful lot of my time on the "Web" having way to much fun. The amount of information out there is truly phenomenal. The fact that I can download 40 meg of Seinfeld sound clips in one evening just gets me all excited.

On other fronts...I continue to see all sorts of plays and Broadway shows here on our fine campus. Les Miz is just one of many that I get to see in the next few months. My other entertainment is of course the entity of all power, the television! Seinfeld is still the "Master of his Domain." I have also moved since my roommate sort of graduated and for the first time in many, many years I'm living entirely by myself again. For some reason I have once again remembered how to clean the house...since I have nothing else to do most of the time. Maybe this is a good thing to remember for the future. My interest in football is once again taking a severe plunge as my Dolphins are trying to avoid the playoffs - just like they did last year. My secret Xmas wish is that they make it to the Super Bowl this year but...it doesn't look good right now. As for travel I finally made it to Mackinaw Island this year and ate to much fudge! It sure was delicious.

May you haue a fabulous 1995 !
Best Wishes!

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