Why Miami Can't Win A Superbowl Anymore

by Raman Pfaff
Reprinted from V6N1, January 1992

Here I am staring out of my window at work and thinking about football (the only real sport to watch). I would like to say that I believe this is still a real sport but I have come to understand the fact that it is now just a –game” controlled and run by the media, which more or less controls the world at this stage of the game.

In the old days actual events occurred and stories passed these events on very slowly to the rest of the world (which of course was much smaller then). Now if something supposedly occurs, media presents the event to the rest of the TV watching world through itês own rose colored glasses. If someone wants a riot to begin in a certain city they simply have to –report” to the media that a certain race was shot by another certain race and the riots begin. Did this actually occur or was it simply some bogus information presented to us through the media. Of course the other possibility is that someone very high up in the –media world” just decides that it would be a very entertaining thing to happen to control the society or create a special effect in the world. To this very high person, life for the majority of five million people is just the outcome of the game being played by the media. Sound like fantasy to you? I will discuss this in just one illustrative example, the game of football.

Let us look closely at the Super Bowl this year. Buffalo vs. Washington. It is currently a week before the game but I am predicting that the Redskins will win by a few points. How did these two teams get there, that is the question. I have several points of interest. The most obvious being the Redskins come from the nations capitol. Media is very central to this area and with a high media density comes a high population density. With the current situation in the capitol, the city needs something to be interested in rather than rioting, looting, or various things worse. This seems to be just part of a large game and this part is a controlling technique that seems very basic to the educated eye. What other teams did the media make look good this year and why are they not in the Bowl. Detroit: a man was paralyzed according to the media and thus there had to be a big rally around his emotional spirit. Yea, Detroit is trying to lose its image as a whole since the place is a slum and the master gameplayer want to try to refurbish the area. Well, they had their best record since 1874 or something like that and thus the population can feel good and look forward to things next year. Hope. Chicago: this team is supposed to be powerful every year so if they really did badly the highly populated town might begin having problems of the kind such as in D.C. Also, in order to make people feel good and laugh, the small piece of humor called –Da Bears” needs a team that wins repeatedly. Humor. New Orleans needed to do well for the obvious reason of taking notice away from an anti-media politician known as Duke. This is a story of its own. Atlanta of course is a growing city and if the team does not improve to some extent, the growth might stop against the wishes of the gameplayer. Hope. Humor. Distraction. Pride. All things involved here. Now letês move on the AFC teams.

Buffalo was in the game last year also. They nearly won except for one man who really bought the farm at the end. This year they are back simply because the gameplayer wants society to be able to feel with this object in the game. I feel that this object will perform well but that greater needs in the D.C. area will override the necessity for the emotional attachment to the object. Such will be life for Buffalo. It is very interesting how they made it there after having to play Denver, the team that repeatedly losses in the big game. The city of Denver no longer had much interest in their team and felt that the team had reached it potential, Super Bowl losses. Thus, there was no need to have them go again. The media controlled the fact that without scoring an offensive touchdown, Buffalo somehow managed a win. Media controlled event. Letês take a quick peek at the other teams that were supposedly good. Houston: Well, the economy down in Texas is not what I would call the best in the world and the gameplayer feels that a good team or two might pick things up. That or reams of oil popping out of the ground all over the desert. One of those two seems more reasonable. What about the Kansas City Chiefs? I guess the media controls this one team just to keep a large portion of the farmers in the plains happy. I guess this way more food will get produced for large manufacturers at a lower cost. The West Coast must also be enthused since much of the media claims that things start on the Coast and move east over this country. Thus the L.A. Raiders kept the good things rolling on to the East. Now of course the New York area is very large and media owns this place. How did the Jets make the playoffs? Miami is a very small media market and is currently growing at an uncontrollable rate. Thus in order to make the Dolphins a weaker team the media talks about many injuries yet keeps an exciting quarterback just to keep transplanted Miamianês happy. Thus the gameplayer felt that the Jets should beat the Dolphins just to keep the larger chunk of society happy. That is why Miami did not make it to the Super Bowl. Perhaps if Miami moves to the upper West Coast they will win, since this area will soon need a lift in this gameplayers mind.

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