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Volume 7 Number 1

Word: Definition:
Ned {Butt-head} proper noun
John Kelley at Michigan State was given this nickname because he reminded an Australian experimenter of an outback outlaw with the name Ned.
The Birthing Cloth {yuck!} improper noun
Remnants of this piece of fabric were given to special boyfriends of the Big "O". It is rumored that Paul Rutt burned his.
Deep Throat {Oh Yes! Don't Stop!} X-rated noun
The first porn flick shown on the MTU campus was Deep Throat. Shown by PPSA, of course. Needless to say, it was the last porn flick shown on the MTU campus as well.
Bogue Street {phew!} low-class noun
This was the student slums next to the MSU campus. John and Raman lived there in the Summer of 1989, while John looked for a job or a grad school that would take him. It was considered refuge from the frat boys that they lived with for the first week of the Summer. John was able to make a nice "Wall 'o FOADs."

Volume 6 Number 2

Word: Definition:
Dr. Bob {Dv. Bob} proper noun
A modest Michigan Tech professor who was able to inspire a bunch of no talent physics geeks to go on and become a drain on society, and actually get their Ph.D.'s.
The Passion Pit {yuck!} improper noun
Where Paul Rutt used to go to visit Naiomi-O (The Big "O"). Biff visited once.
Tree {big green fuzzy thing} slang noun
Term used to describe Ray Swartz. Originated when Ray was at MTU and walked around the Palace in sequoia-like manner, wearing only a green velour covering and wacking at his pecker hole.
Pecker Hole {frighten the neighbors} slang noun
That which Tree would wack at.
Macking off {thwack, thwack!} adj.
Process of spending many hours in front of a Macintosh computer. Usually applied to production of PPSA Magazine, working on web site or playing mindless games.

Volume 6 Number 1

Word: Definition:
Bork {bork} proper noun
What once began as a simple can of pork from Dave Linington's summer camp, is now a holy PPSA relic and is stored in the official MSU PPSA entertainment center. Presently Raman Pfaff is the holder of the Bork.
flackid, flaccid {flack-id} adj.
1) Being in a mental or physical state of flabbiness, 2) Soft, pliable, easy to flagellate.
flackid member, flackid penis {flack-id...} rude noun
A phrase that is spoken when sitting next to rude smoking bitches, or when you need to clear a table so your friends can sit down. Esp. used when Long Island Iced Teas are involved.
God Emperor {gawd M-poorer} holy noun
1) The local deity in charge of PPSA affairs (i.e. at a school or for a region or town.) 2) The deity in charge of certain affairs for the entire PPSA organization (i.e. GE for Alumni Affairs, GE of Really Cold Things... etc.) 2) The God Emperor is the super-deity in charge of all PPSA affairs (i.e. the planet, the Universe and small cysts of land.) There can be only one such all-powerful being.
loopi, loopy {loop-eeeee!} adj.
1) Coined by David "master of the late-night" Letterman. Describing the general demeanor of a silly, strange, crazed individual. 2) A PPSA member with very many compact discs is considered to have a great amount of loopiness.
the Nor {the null set} improper noun
That which was once Michael Norman Terwilliger, MTU student that transmogrified into the flaking Nor-Beast. Speaking the name of the Nor is punishible under Article 8 of The Official PPSA Constitution.
The Palace {Mrs. Huang's House} noun
That which is 209 Clark Street, Houghton, Michigan 49931, and which was the original PPSA headquarters. No longer under the control of PPSA members, although The Official PPSA Constitution does not expressly forbid our reclaiming it at some unstated future date.
T.M.H.B.O.C. {those guys} proper noun
The Most Holy Board of Control. The PPSA governing body, consisting of representative God Emperors as fully described in The Official PPSA Constitution.

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