Summer Fun in the Dayton Area!

Contributed by Sarah Roszkowski



Nothing to do…No Where to go…Think Again


Planning a long trip can take a lot of time and energy. Think of how much easier it is to throw the kids in the car and get out of the house for a day. In the Dayton area there are a lot of places that a family can go to get away from the everyday routine that can get you down. Summer is on the way and it's time to decide what to do with the family. The places that will be suggested are no more that three hours away from the Dayton area, but will prove to have something to offer for every member of the family.

Columbus Zoo

One place to go that always seems to be a favorite is the Columbus Zoo. The zoo has so much to offer to any age group at any time of the year. The children will be able to enjoy the petting zoo or the various displays of animals. There are many areas set aside for picnicking or a food court, depending on you own personal preference. There are buggies to rent if the children are getting tired of walking and a tour is offered on a trolley to get a complete overview of the park. The Columbus Zoo enables you to spend a relaxing day outside with your family that will not cost you an incredible amount of money.

This summer, the zoo is going to hold activities that everyone can participate in. A Walk for Wildlife is going to be held in May, which people can sign up for in advance and an event is going to take place in June called the "Zoofari." It will include an all night party with entertainment and food. People can call the Columbus Zoo for more details and to make reservations. At different times you may be able to experience special exhibits and even walk by a peacock every now and then. Another attraction at the zoo would include a boat ride on the Scioto River. Overall, you can never have a dull moment when you are at the Columbus Zoo.

Wyandot Lake

An attraction that is exciting and fun is Wyandot Lake, located right next to the zoo. It is a perfect place to take your family for a day in the sun and the water. Located here are numerous water rides and a wave pool. These are all carefully monitored by highly trained life guards at all times. Next to the water rides is a roller coaster and other amusement park rides for all ages. It also has a concession area for people to buy snacks and beverages.


Another great stop that can't be missed when traveling in the Dayton area is the city of Chillicothe. This is only two hours from Dayton and is a great place to learn about the Native Americans. The town has a museum which details the history of the indian reservation and you can even do a little shopping while you're at it. When moving further into the city you will be able to view different Indian burial mounds, one actually being in the shape of a sea serpent. There is an area allowed for families to picnic and the children to run around. One of the biggest attractions is an outdoor performance of the story of Tecumseh, a great Shawnee Indian leader who spent his life protecting his homeland. This performance includes live horses, great sound effects, and bright costumes.

This summer, the town of Chillicothe will be celebrating its bicentennial by holding parades and a walk through the city that all people can partake in. The Strawberry Festival, which will be held June 17-20, will include entertainment, rides, a flea market, and games, is just one of the various festivals that will take place throughout the summer. Other attractions such as tours of the Thomas Worthington Museum can be viewed for a small fee. You can spend a whole day in this town without spending any money or may choose to pay the small fees to the few museums located in this town, but whatever your choice, you can be assured that you will have a pleasant and educational day.

King's Island

King's Island is an attraction that is probably more well known than any of the above attraction, however it is always a great place to go to get your stomach turned up side down for the day. This theme park usually attracts a younger crowd, but can accommodate any age. There is a section with smaller rides for children, but the main part is geared towards teenagers and young adults. There are numerous roller coasters such as The Beast, rides that will spin you around, and water rides that will take you for a plunge. Different concession stands are set up across the park so that you can purchase food and beverages, plus there are picnic tables sporadically set up for your connivance.

The newest attraction to this amusement park is called "License to Thrill." It is an adventure ride that takes you through a scene with James Bond. There is a video screen in front of you that gives you the feeling of flying down the road in the car with 007 while the compartment car shakes you back and forth. An attraction that you can't miss when visiting King's Island is a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower. You can ride up the tower and have a breath taking view of the park and the land around it. This is a great ride for parents to go on while their kids go on the rides that spin them around.



One last place on the must see list is COSI. This stands for Columbus Ohio Science Institution. This is a wonderful place to take your children for the day to learn without them ever realizing it. It provides "hands on" exhibits that can aid children in learning about science. You can experience how the inner body works or talk to someone across the room while you are standing on the other side of the room whispering. Shows in the planetarium are available plus other educational events. COSI is a wonderful place to spend a day with your family while also helping your children to learn.



Columbus Zoo: 614-645-3550, 9am-5pm, $6 adult-$5 senior citizen-$4 child (age2-11), Parking $2, I270-exit 20 Sawmill Rd. Follow signs.

Wayndot Lake: 1-800-328-9283, Fri-Sun 10am-9pm, Mon-Thru-10am-8pm, $16.99 adults- children under 42 inches- $13.99 senior citizen-$10.50 under age 3-free, I270-exit 20 Sawmill Rd. Follow signs.

Chillicothe: 614-773-5025, Worthington Museum-$5 adult-$1.25 Child, US 23 South. Follow signs.

King's Island: 1-800-288-0808, Only opened weekends right now at 9am, Full season starts May 25, $32.95 adult-$18.95 children and seniors, US75 to 275 east. Get on I71 north and it is the third exit (exit 24). Follow signs.

COSI: 614-228-2674, Mon-Sat-10am-5pm, Sun-12am-5pm, US75 north to 270. Get on 670 north and follow signs. Located in downtown Columbus.

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