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It was a great show! I miss it. any chance of tring for the sci-fi channel for new epesods?
I thought it was a great sci-fi show that was a heck of a lot more believable than Star Trek. I was shocked to find out that it had been cancelled and left many fans who had been following the story line since the beginning, totally hanging. Can we bring a class action suit against NBC for having enticed to invest many of our leisure hours into this show and then proceeds to abandon us? If enough people are willing to participate, I am game for it! Mark Wood
I think that E2 is a great show and it should be brought back on the air. I want to find out what happens to devon Adair, and the rest of the crew. I just don't understand why more realistic shows like E2 don't survive while other crazy shows like Star Trek (Blah!) do, it's just plain stupid!!! Ricky Garcia
Yeah, I want to see the Earth 2 on NBC or whatever channell can be. Cause I like the show very much and wonder why cancel ..... Karren Tolodxi
One of the Greatest Sci-fi shows on the air-waves for family viewing. I can't believe they have dumped it. Terren
I love the show and miss it greatly, but that's probably nothing new to everyone else here, David Hobbs
One of the best Sci Fi shows on TV, at least it was until last night here in New Zealand, BRING IT BACK, and what's with the ending, wierd.

I personnally thought that Earth 2 was brilliant and definitely deserves a second season. For god sake, seaQuest got one!!!!!!!! Andrea
Earth2 was the first show that I made sure I always watched. It took precedence over everything. E2 had problems and some stories could have been stronger. I always wished the characters were more in awe of what they were experiencing considering so much of it was new. I thought the program was improving and the characters were all enjoyable. I did not think any of the characters were week (although the kid's characters could be annoying at times.). I am willing to write anywhere I have to in order to get this show back on the air. I think Eart 2 is wonderful and I look forward to seeing it again. By the way... I am from Edmonton and I recently saw an episode of Earth2 - it was a horrible tease!! (But I enjoyed it nonetheless.)
sarah/ sarah E.
it's awsome I love antonio sabato Jr. Michael Conroy
It was a great show, it's sad they cancelled it. Lasse Dittmer
I really enjoyed watching E2, and I was wery glad to hear it is going on air here in Finland too. Too bad it got cancelled. Andrew Sowden
I like this programme and have just seen the final eposide. To many questions have been left unanswered, i hope that presure from fans can get the programme back on TV.It is a unique programme that needs another chance, eventhough the ratings are bd in the USA here in New Zealand it did very well. James Campbell
It was such an interesting show, that gave us a good feeling of what the future might be like when we start travelling to other planets. It's a shame that it got cancelled, while many silly sitcoms don't.
Kristina Huynh
Much to the despair of millions of fans, one of the greatest science fiction shows of the 90's was axed. But don't think you are hurting alone because we all are hurting. Lets CHEERS to a terrific show, EARTH 2. Andrew Ackerman
Earth2 was a great show. But, it was on NBC and we all know NBC. Hence the names: Star Trek, Quantum Leap, seaQuest- they either messed up these shows, or cancelled them, while other companies later made millions off of them. Earth2 is just another victim. Jim Heivilin
I like the show, especially in light of Star Trek Voyager's poor first season. I also rather liked the continuing plot line, something uncommon on tv today.
I loved it. My family watched it every week, and my mother was heart broken when it was canceled. Is there a chance it will come back? With the same cast? jaz
It was an awesome show. My family watched it every week, and my mother was heart broken when it was canceled. Will it ever come back with the same cast??
I love Earth2, and I can't understand the various negative critics from magazines. It's just unfair. I especially like Jessica Steen, she's wonderful :) How can I support the 'Save E2' ting? Michael Kelsey
Earth 2 offered to the viewers what STTNG offered when it was released. A new concept, strange-new-diverse creature/lifeforms, and a common theme that even the most lethargic viewer could follow. Just about the time it became interesting, I had to leave for BMT. I programmed the VCR, came back after 8 mos, and discovered the parents suffered a power outage the week prior. I was not pleased. After all, it was the season finale. Houssen Beydoun
It's, probably, one of the most interesting sci-fi adventure episodes I have ever seen. It gives us drama, suspense, adventure, love, and many others. It also shows us that human nature does not change even after catastrophes occur. jamey vest
KICK ASS SHOW!!!! Too bad people like Jerry Seinfeld ruined television I hope the show gets picked back up. I recorded it every Sunday night because I had to work, I still go back and watch the tapes. jamey vest
KICK ASS SHOW!!!! Too bad people like Jerry Seinfeld ruined television I hope the show gets picked back up. I recorded it every Sunday night because I had to work, I still go back and watch the tapes. T.J. Fuller
I greatly enjoyed E2. The thing I liked the most about E2 is that it wasn't completely preditible. Most TV/Movies/Novels are predictible. There are rarely any real surprises. But with E2 I never knew what they were going to do from episode to episode. If they do bring it back I hope they continue to surprise me.

I really enjoyed the show. I started to care about the people in it. I want it back!
101470,3223@COMPUSERVE.COM Richard Harding / Sarah Oliver
We both think it a great program, and we would hate to see it cancelled. We dont get to see a lot of Sci-Fi here in the UK. Craig Schafer
Earth 2, unlike Seaquest, was intelligent, original, and incredibly well written. With the Seaquest going down for the last time, is there a chance that E2 could be reserrected? I am greatly encouraged with the above "rumor" about the second pilot. Keep up the listening for news and I'll add this page to my bookmarks!
9100 Joey McGrath
I think that Earth 2 is a great show and my family and I were wonderind what happened to it. Now we know. I think that NBC is a great station and I watch it alot especially on week nights with the comedies. I don't think that NBC should take E2 of the air and they shouldn't fill the time slots with Dateline. Personally I think that Dateline SUCKS shit!!! Please keep Earth 2 on the air. Thank You Very much for your time. Phil Paxton
I really enjoyed Earth 2 and miss it a great deal. I wrote a couple of letters a while ago. I was wandering if with the cancellation of SeaQuest (Amen!) if we should encourage Universal to take the money from it and put it towards Earth 2. Wasn't one of their first excusses that E2 was to expensive? Well, now they have some extra cash sitting around might as well put it to good use. Phil Paxton
I really enjoyed Earth 2 and miss it a great deal. I wrote a couple of letters a while ago. I was wandering if with the cancellation of SeaQuest (Amen!) if we should encourage Universal to take the money from it and put it towards Earth 2. Wasn't one of their first excusses that E2 was to expensive? Well, now they have some extra cash sitting around might as well put it to good use.

Earth 2 was one of the best t.v shows on NBc. I'm outraged that they would cancal the most fab show they have. NBC, get a life and keep the good shows. Just because of some stupid Superbowl that no one watches , or something like that, you have to cancel my FAV show?!! I'm hurt and betrayed by my most favorite network 'SOB'. 'SOB' Jill Wrightson
E2 was the best thing on on Sunday nights.It was a ritual to sit down and become completely engrossed in the story. I felt ripped off when the last show aired and I did't realize that it was the last one. I am yearning for more about what happens next. the show could go so many places. I always wondered if Danziger and Adair would get together. Now I'll never know... Patrick Kimball
E2 was a real inovation for a Science Fiction series. It was one of the best new series. I personally think it wasn't given enough of a chance to gain an avid following.
Lance Lange
I love the show. It is a very engrossing story. The characters are intersting and you "get to know them" kim wing
I think it's a wonderful show. I would love to see it come back. Any chances? ricky bartz
I think it was a great show and miss it greatly... :-(
hallken@CrisCom Kathryn Hall
I was so disappointed when they cancelled Earth 2. It was a an innovative program and had a great cast especially Clancy Brown. The storylines were excellent and reminded me of the pioneering ancestores of ours travelling a great distance and never knowing what they will encounter next. This leaves so many different story ideas to use. I liked the fact that they filmed outdoors, it added to the realism of the program. I even liked the theme music. There haven't been that many shows that I have watched where I liked every episode but Earth 2 was one of them. Even good shows like ER or the Star Treks have bad episodes but not Earth 2. I though the show would have lasted because it appeals to not just the sci-fi viewers but to those who like a good drama. I hope they will bring it back. Laura Pickering
I'm from England, and thankfully the show is still airing here. I was devastated to hear it had been cancelled. TV Exec's are SOOO STUPID!! BRING BACK EARTH 2!! AND LONG MAY IT REIGN. Douglas Kirk
why isn't this carried on the Sci-Fi channel? Guy Lussier

I wish Earth2 would come was the best thing to happen to Sunday night. Maybe it can take over Seaquest's spot..NBC did a disservice by cancelling a great sci-fi show. Markus Dahlweid
Hello, I just read the article by Burt Crepeault on this webpage. Here in Germany the first season of E2 ist shown on tv every sunday afternoon. When I searched the web for infos on E2, I found this page and I was shocked when I read that E2 was canceled in the USA. I hope that CBS reconsiders this bad decision und continues to produce new episodes of E2. I have spoken to other E2 fans in Germany and almost everyone feels that this series is too briliant to be canceled. Bye, Markus Jean Savage
I was a devoted E2 fan, I loved it! I knew it would be cancelled cause they always cancel good shows. I was excited to see this web site, now I know I am not alone in my desire to see E2 returned to television. I support your efforts 100% and will join a mailing list. Thanks JJS Gene Molloy
I still miss Earth2. Could not believe they cancelled that show and brought back SeaQuest. I still wonder if we will ever see Devin get out of suspended animation. Let me know if any netork plans to bring it back from the dead. Ryan Beall
Earth2 is great! Bill
Bring back Earth 2! One of the best shows on NBC's stable.
103242, Kristin Kunze, Montreal Quebec
I am a huge fan of the show, I have missed watching it. I think I is a great idea to get it back on the air, I'll do anything to help.Earth 2 was one of the only great sci-fi shows of last year, I hope I can watch It again soon. Christian Nikolopoulos
Did they really cancel Earth 2? The Show had just started here in Germany and I was beginning to like it :( . So I will have to go on watching StarTrek and B5 (and Earth2 as long as it is running on TV). Btw, wasn't it also NBC who cancelled TOS in '69 ? It seems that NBC is not able to learn of its mistakes ! I wish you the Best in your attempts to continue the show (Is there any way to help? I don't think NBC will care about any european viewers) Bye.... Lisa Kohles
Earth2 was a great, uplifting show. Even my mom, who has professed a disdane at sci-fi, wants E2 back, because it was the one "happy" show that I watched, as opposed to my other favorites like 'American Gothic' 'The X-Files' and 'Forever Knight.' Earth2 was an important addition to family TV, but NBC had it out for them since the beginning. Tabatha Abel
I always looked forward to watching E2 Sunday nighhts wwith my mother. I miss ththe show very much. I waswas wondering why why they canceled it. Clay Williams
Raman! The new Netscape 2.0 "Save Earth2 Home Page" is absolutely outstanding. An excellent job. I look forward to visiting often! - Clay Williams Earth 2: Eden Advance

Just to let you know that you have two more strong supporters of Earth 2. We look forward to seeing the show again in the future!
john-robin tveitan
i thought it was excellent and want it back! Jeffrey H. Lynn
Great show. I could not understand why it was cancelled. I just found this site, so I'll be joiing in on the activities. Samantha Maybery
We're approaching the end of the first series in the UK and very disappointed to learn that the show was axed. It's one of the best programmes to come out of the States for a long time, probably because the right amount of cash was spent on it. If they don't decide to film more episodes it's because they know we'll be content with the usual cheap rubbish they pump out. Keep fighting. David Young
I enjoyed watching the program, but I was really disappointed when I learn't that it wasn't coming back in 96.
As I was very upset to see E2 cancelled, I feel you are doing the right thing to get it back on.A real eye opener. brent hansen
I liked it very much. Space shows are excellent for getting the young people to watch. I was very upset to hear it was cancelled, especially because of the way it ended. Please bring it back with the original cast members. Thanks!!! frank lofaro
I thought that it was a great show. I am very upset that it got canceled just when things got interesting. I wish that it were back on! Majid Al Maskati
Earth 2? I LOVED IT! It is the greatest show to ever hit the waves, especially here in this small country of mine (i live in Bahrain, a small island in the persian gulf). I really enjoyed it. May the journey continue... Kevin Gaussoin
I love E2. It was the one show I watched that year. I work fiftysome hours a week go to school ful time, and have a family, but I always watched e2. Good luck in all you attempt, I know it will be worth it, -K__'_ Stuart
We have been fans of the show ever since the first episode, we miss it and wish it would be put back on. We would like to know what will happen to the team and how they will reach the coast. chris
I that thay are worg abot thaking E2 off the air. If more people come together we came get them to put it back onthe air there was a lot of show in the past that were thaking the of the air . and came back and now thay are makeing moves out of them. THANK YOU . CHRIS Allan Gibbons
I've only just heard about E2 and am saddened to think that such a good program can be axed (but not suprised remember star trek) do the executive's really think they know what the real people ( us ) want I don't think so well I'm looking forward to seeing the new series Earth 2 the next generation in about 15 to 20 years Ken Segal
Raman. you fans are rippen. E2 is not coming back. thats a shame. Its purely a finacial thing. I am looki9ng for an ntsc or whatever the american video standard is of the "Flower Children" is. Its the only one I did not see. Anyone interested in dubbing me a copy (SP mode) for trade to get hard to get E2 items in exchange, like personal photos from the set. Email me at Jessica DiNatale
I think that Earth2 was one of the best sci-fi's to come around in a long time. The story lines were fantastic and always kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't believe it when I found out it was cancelled! Especially when they just left Devin in the "freezer". They just let the show go and didn't even bother to finish it up. I have most of the episodes on tape except for some in the very beginning. I get them out every once and awhile(when I get time) and whatch them. I really miss the show and would be absolutly thrilled if it could come back. But even if they did a movie I would be happy. It would have to be one heck of a movie though, with all of the original cast members(that goes for the show to if it can ever be reestablished) I hate it when the people who play the characters are changed it really messes things up. I guess that's going to have to be all for now, I'll keep checking the Net to see Guenther Gielge
E2 is (with ST) the best SF what I ever see. I am from Austria and I say please SAVE EARTH2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guenther Gielge
E2 is (with ST) the best SF what I ever see. I am from Austria and I say please SAVE EARTH2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stephen Page
We've just had the last in the series broadcast to learn the series has been dropped!! The British are really laid back and we normally only let the satellite companies know how we feel about a series AFTER its finished. This I believe has worked against us this time. I am a real hard science fiction fan and found E2 a breath of fresh air re:storyboard/plotline etc. To hear that Universal/Amblin have dropped the series takes the piss considering they wanted us to START watching it! SkyNet have been really good about E2 they will pass on their susbscriber/fan comments AND their OWN request for a sequel. Thankyou for creating this site so as to give me some insight as to the latest state of play.