Items are annotated with person(s) who contributed the material or comment,
usually as the one "first to post". Direct comments when possible to that person
especially when requesting the original material (see section below on reducing
list mail). For comments regarding this summary, contact mbrando@pe-nelson.com.

- - - - I T E M S O F T H E W E E K - - - -

Official Names:

The votes are in, the name(s) chosen for the club, newsletter ... are:

Earth 2: Eden Advance - Club Name
Dream Plane - Newsletter
Rescue G899 - Section in newsletter related to saving Earth 2
Grendler Trading Post - Sell E2 club merchandise

Earth 2: Eden Advance Club Information:

Variety Ad Status:

>From Clay William's, Acting-Chair, Ad Hoc Ad Committee <klaatu@host.yab>: Final
format of ad was worked out reflecting the numerous suggestions and ideas
presented via email. Format 1 was chosen over format 2 with listed cast and crew
members in the background. Sponsors will be noted in newsletter. Text for ad is:

"We'd like to say THANK YOU to
Billy Ray, Michael Duggan, Carol Flint,
Mark Levin
and the cast and crew at
Universal Television and Amblin Entertainment
for bringing us


May the journey continue ..."

Also included is trailer giving info on our club and new member contact
information. Ad will be published in Weekly Variety for July 3rd edition.
See Clay's post for FULL details.

$2,690 pledged, $1,975 collected, $715 outstanding. If you have not yet sent in
your pledge or want to contribute, *please* do so now. Pledge money can be sent

Checks and Canadian funds made payable to:
Earth 2 Eden Advance Fund
U.S. Back -- Shadle Branch
227 Shadle Center
Spokane, WA 99212

For Money Orders, Cashier's Checks or Certified Checks ONLY, payable to Variety:

Vivien Latham
C/O RFX, Inc.
710 Steward Street
Hollywood, CA 90038

Please include name, address and email address with contribution. Direct
questions on Ad or would like more information, please email Clay. The Ad may be
viewed at:

Mail List:

A digest version of the list, earth2@stargame.org has been added. Members
wishing to subscribe to the digest version should first unsubscribe for this
list, by sending email to 'MAJORDOMO@STARGAME.ORG' with the words,

unsubscribe earth2

in the BODY of the mail, (i.e., not subject line). Then send email to

subscribe earth2-digest

again in the body of your mail. Direct question/comments to Brian
<bh@ddi.digital.net> or the list owner, Alicia <mowlaial@ucunix.san.uc.edu>.
(Aside: I myself would like to take this opportunity to THANK Alicia for all her
help and patience with this large and active list (my comment) - end of aside).
Note: We are working on contacting the past "UNSUB's" in order to let them know
about the digest version of the list and even this weekly summary. If you know
someone who has left, please contact them.

This Summary, Important Info:

Volunteers have been recruited to distribute all Important Info posts and this
summary to the online boards, AOL, Prodigy, CompuServe and newsgroups. Post
important info using ALL CAPS in subject line. (Note volunteers: Please also
reflect back your members input and suggestion back to the list so they may be
heard as well.)

Universal Permission:

Stacy (WillowNMS@aol.com> has requested a liaison volunteer to obtain Universal
Legal Permissions. Club needs to get official word from Univ. in order to use
their items in our newsletter.

EMAIL Campaign to NBC:

Members (Robert <wieser@ix.netcom.com>, Vivian <vivien@-gate.rfx.rfx.xom> et
al.,) suggested continued writing to NBC and affiliates *each* Monday, thanking
them when NBC does show Earth2, reminding them that we won't watch NBC when they
don't. Recommended subject line as follows: "Subject: No NBC without Earth2".
Members are reminded, "KEEP IT NICE". Be polite, let them know there is an
interest. Do not send multiple messages from single address (Clay Williams
<klaatu@host.yab.com>) as 1000 messages from a single address would be
considered hostile.

July <july@eden.rutgers.edu> received letter from Preston Beckman indicating
that E2 episodes would not repeat. "Lost Civilizations" would be shown instead.
TV Guide shows "Lost Civilizations" starting this week, Sunday, June 25th. It
appears Canada may be only local showing E2. John <johnw@umsa.umd.edu> suggests
email campaign include reminders to NBC as to "Lost Civilizations" ratings. Last
episode of E2 got rating of 62 (aired unannounced), seaQuest got an 85. "High
Sierra Search and Rescue" got a 69 (Gina <GinaT1000@aol.com>. Maybe E2 could be
placed 8pm Sunday, or Wed. in "High Sierra" spot. Kathleen <mko@rti.org> asks
how could NBC sign up "Lost Civilizations" a year ago and promise to place it in
E2's time slot if they had hopes of an E2 renewal?

NBC addresses:


Email Campaign to Universal/UPN, Other Info:

Letter received from Ms. Lodato (Lynn <cltraxler@ccstat.mc.duke.edu>) not very
encouraging indicating that Universal had done everything in it's power, but
show will not be airing on any other network. Members suggested finding other
Universal contact.

July has contact at UPN who heard that 2nd season pilot pitched to UPN would
have Eden Advance Team arriving at New Pacifica, initial building of Colony,
arrival of Colony Ships. Isaiah Ford, from colony ship would become new leader
and hold key to getting Devon out of the "freeze". Also, Ford could be potential
Council operative. July also has posted, "SPOILERS - Season2 Stories" which
detail the dregs Universal may have heaped on us. See July's posts for spoiler

July also reports rumor that Carol Flint, Mike Duggan and Mark Levin may produce
seaQuest next season.

Brent <huber@gandalf.umcs.maine.edu> found Chairman of Board for MCA/Universal,

Tom Pollock
Chairman of the Board
MCA Pictures Group
Universal Pictures
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91609

Shoshona requests email campaign for July 1st, polite, yet very firm in your
conviction and support for Earth 2. Clay agrees, be careful with regards to
confidential info such as "spoilers" (see below). Vivien cautions this may not
be the right person, wait for more info.

MCA closed down the Earth2 page on their web site (Erin <ERIN-D@ACI1.NS.CA>).
Richard found that the netforum for E2 is still open (Volunteer to post this
weekly to it?). Visit <URL:http://www.mca.com/tv/netforum/topics/mca.tv.earth2>
and let 'em know what you think for closing down the site. Raman
<pfaffram@student.msu.edu> also found you can get direct access to their "E2
Closed Set Backlot" at <URL:http://www.mca.com/tv/backlot/closed/EarClosed/>.

Other Networks:

Nicole <nneilan@unlinfo.unl.edu> received a letter from Turner Broadcasting
suggesting that TBS and TNT had looked at Earth 2 but have not yet made a
decision. Group decided to begin email campaign to Turner at once. Shoshona
<AniMaAmin@aol.com> wants to emphasize ecological side of E2 to Ted Turner.

Mail address:

Robert Levi Phone: 404.885.4651
Executive Vice President Fax: 404.885.4947
Program Administration and Acquisitions
1050 Techwood Drive
Atlanta, GA 30318

Richard <Richard_Hudak.LOTUS@crd.lotus.com> found the following info on Fox:
<URL:http://www.eden.com/users/my-html/fox.html> with general address:

Fox Broadcasting Company Phone: 310.369.3553
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Charles Kennedy, Vice President of Programming Research at Fox can be reached
at: foxnet@delphi.com. However, July reports firm "NO" from Fox. John noticed
"Sliders" is being shown opposite "Lost Civilizations".

Kelly <kdubose@nsf.gov> received answer from SCI-FI channel indicating a liking
of E2 including desire for making E2 move, but prod. costs are beyond their
reach, plus NBC still retains movie rights.

Earth2 List Mail, "Keep it down!":

Several suggestion/complaints logged Re: volume of mail per day. Suggestions:

Do not attach large blocks of mail to each reply, only reference what is
actually needed for context (Jim <carr@news.latimes.com>. One liners OK, but
replies should be directed to person, not entire list (Mike <mbrando@pe-
nelson.com>). Include each respondant in re-reply to keep thread going w/o
cc'ing list. Also, fewer posts can be generated by stacking reponses (Maya).
Messages may be longer but effort to read easier.

Alicia <mowlaial@ucunix.san.uc.edu> suggested possible "second" list for humor
akin to "star trek humor league" STHL.

Earth 2 Convention:

A convention was proposed, (Sharon), names suggested were:

New Pacificon <- Appears to be winning
Moon Cross
Earth 2: Eden Advance First Annual Convention
Planetfall G899 Convention

Julie <jwhite@mail.sdsu.edu> volunteered to be on the convention committee. Maya
<syntax.oro.net> made suggestion of attaching E2 con. to existing SCI-FI
convention, Maya has addresses for people involved in organizing them. Julie
posted con. poll, please fill out even if you do not want to go. Please send
completed poll TO Julie, <jwhite@mail.sdsu.edu> or email her if you need a copy.
So far Julie only has 15 replies so get 'em in or it's going to be at her house
with her dog "Arlo" dressed as a Grendler. I believe New Mexico is winning as
preferred local choice.

Dream Plane Newsletter:

Stacy <WillowNMS@aol.com> placed 'CALL FOR HELP' notice for newsletter. Proposed
following sections, looking for volunteers for each:

1. Spotlight on cast.
2. Spotlight on vehicles/technology.
3. Episode list/timeline.
4. Variety Ad copy.
5. A "from the net" column.
6. Column "Rescue G899" for Earth 2 renewal efforts
7. Merchandise column
8. Fanfic.

Stacy can arrange for printing, folding etc., volunteers would write the
material & send to Stacy. Sharon <SCHLUHS5@technet.nm.org> officially called
"dibs" on Deborah Farentino profile. Leigh <leigh@phoenix.phoenix.net> offered
to help as he currently does newsletter called "Genesis Effects" Re: Star Trek

Online Boards:
>From AOL, post from KissTheSky <XO478@aol.com> reports article published in
newspaper (no name, readership 2M) on E2F and letter writing campaign. Complete
story will be posted at later date.

Clay replies to question on likelihood of a canceled show coming back. Examples
are: "Alien Nation" several movies after series ended; "Baywatch" canceled by
NBC went to other network(s); "Forever Knight" canceled by CBS picked up for
syndication after 1 1/2 years; "Cagney and Lacy" canned by CBS, came back after
winning Emmy

Fan Work:

Tara <tara@hydra.unm.edu> has put some of here own artwork on web site
<URL:http://www.unm.edu/~tara> in JPEG format plus her own fanfic.

Ethelyn <mestiza@u.washington.edu> is doing a bumpersticker. Cost is small
contact E. for where to send SASE.

Brent <huber@gandalf.umcs.maine.edu> asks for help on story he's doing. Send
comments on "What does Earth 2 say to me (why do I watch it?)" to Brent.

Leigh wants to create Birthday list for Earth2 on his web page as well as put
fanfic there. <URL:http://www.phoenix.net/~leigh>.

Alex <CUVH94A@prodigy.com> posted "Have you Read a Good Book Lately?" and "The
Black Sheep of the Family".

Clay <klaatu@host.yab.com>is working on complete list of credits for each
episode, and needs help on several as local affiliate cut the end credits on
several shows. Contact Clay if you have all end credit info for episodes,
6,7,13,16,17,20 (Sorry Clay if I missed some).


Universal Studio Store (USS) sells E2 shirts - $12.95 (Rimfrel
<rimfrel@aol.com>), toll free # 1800.447.0373. Many thought this was another
good way to show Univ. there is still interest and money to be made in E2.
Nicole talked to person at USS who confirmed USS is contact for licensing info
for E2 merchandise.
Vickey <Seleya8@aol.com> found E2 CD soundtrack from the pilot episode and
similar music. CD can be found at larger stores like Tower, remember NO

Sharon's Trivia Challenge:
Significance of VA-1587 designation on back of OPs jackets alludes to settlement
on Roanoke Island that for whatever reason, disappeared in 1587. Quote from Kirk
"Cameron" Trutner:
"I don't think we ever mentioned the ship being the USS Roanoke, but it was on
the OPs jackets in very small print. And, of course, the registration number,
VA-1587, would stand for Virginia, 1587."

Also, Kirk is responsible for this week's "SIG. LINE OF THE WEEK", and I quote,

"It Ain't Over Until The fat Grendler Sings!"

New member Michael <michael@cdf.cae.ca> was referred to Enjery's home page by
Canadian TV Guide. They also said they were planning to do story on campaign in

When a new member asked,

"is it <the list> dead since the show has been cancelled?"

Richard <Richard_Hudak@crd.lotus.com> summed up our group very well as:

"A group of people is working very hard on an ad for <Variety>, basically
keeping Earth2 in the industry's face. If you're web-capable, go to
http://www.umsa.umd.edu/johnw/Earth2/Starlog.html to keep up to date on those
goings on.

Another effort seems to be to send snail mail to MCA/Universal to support "the
team that got us here," the original cast, crew and creative team.

Another effort seems to be to get NBC to continue to air reruns and possibly to
get them to renew the show in its original form.

UPN doesn't seem interested and Turner Broadcasting/Turner Network Television
may be interested. There is some evidence that the environmental/indigenous
peoples themes in E2 might find a home in the latter.

In the meantime, there are some minor discussions of plots, characters and
symbolism, and Grendler drool compliments the Grendler Bar and Grille to whet
our appetites and provide comic relief."

Grendler Bar and Grille News:

Sharon gave notice as to blatant "drool" conditions at the GB&G as the official
health inspector, clean up the pools or a letter to PB1 is sent. However, Sharon
resigned three days later when someone insinuated she might be a council member
(OUCH!!!, uggh...) although I think she may have taken on the role of GB&G
resident Therapist. Thus, the "drool pool"s remain.

July has signed on as manager of the "Bitchin' Grendler HotMamas from Swingin'
G889". Now TBGHMFSG889 are available for gigs, motorcycle repair, fashion
consultance and Nasty Tauntings.

GB&G Proprietor Shoshana lists this week's menu:

Le Grendler Menu - Week of June 23rd:

lily-liver pate served on little field crackers
Spineless jellyfish bouillabaisse -- served VERY cold
Roasted Peacock w/peebee stuffing (protruding from both ends of the bird!)
Gharlane flambe

Note: Viv. did NOT like the Gharlane flambe (Actually, she said "yeeeeccchhh!)

We *ALL* know who the res. drunk is :0)