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Earth 2: Eden Advance (E2EA) Topics:

Ad Hoc Ad Committee:
E2EA Contact: Clay <klaatu@host.yab.com>

Variety Ad:

Ran Monday, July 10th. Thogek <thogek@alumni.caltech.edu> noted there were 5
full page ads in that issue, CBS, ABC, Disney, Lee Rose Productions and E2EA.
Press Release sample was contributed by Clay <klaatu@host.yab.com> and Stacy
<WillowNMS@aol.com> while July 10th was declared "the New Pacifica Holiday

Press releases sent all over country, networks. Reported coverage was
Mike <mbrando@pe-nelson.com> San Jose, San Francisco, Monterey areas
Gina <GinaT1000@aol.com> SouthBay/Torrance/Long Beach areas of Calif
Matthew <MREED00@ukcc.uky.edu> covered Kentucky

>From Shoshona <AniMaAmin@aol.com> You can download a GIF of the Variety ad at:

Reminder: If you have *not* yet mailed your pledge contribution, please do so.
There's still $344.07 outstanding. (and $.07?)

Mail Campaign:

Continuing to Amblin (see below)

Steering Committee Vote:
E2EA Contact(s): July <july@eden.rutgers.edu>
Mike <mbrando@pe-nelson.com>

Mike and July posted the results of the Steering Commitee vote and a compendium
of voter comments from the "Other Comments:" section of the vote sheet. In
light of the overwhelming response to form the Steering Committee and Other
Commitees, a "Transition Team" consisting of

Alicia <mowlaial@ucunix.san.uc.edu>
Mike Brando <mbrando@pe-nelson.com>
Vivien Latham <vivien@rfx.rfx.com>
Margaret Munch <nimrodel@elwha.evergreen.edu>
Nicole Nielan <nneilan@unlinfo.unl.edu>
July Sibecker <july@eden.rutgers.edu>
Clay Williams <klaatu@host.yab.com>

was formed to aid in the changeover between the Ad Hoc Ad Committee and the
E2EA Committee structure. Updates will be posted to the list by this team.

E2EA List'iquette:

Try not to include entire blocks of text in replies, only what's appropriate.
Use general keywords like 'DISCUSSION','HUMOR',etc. in the subject line in
order to let people know what the post regards. Alicia reserves subject heading
'ALL READ' for list administrative purposes.

E2EA Contact: Alicia <mowlaial@ucunix.san.uc.edu>

earth2 - Main list for E2EA
earth2-digest - Digest version of 'earth2'.

To subscribe to either list send mail to MAJORDOMO@STARGAME.ORG with the words,

subscribe <listname>

in the BODY of your mail message

The Dream Plane Newsletter:
E2EA Contact: Stacy <WillowNMS@aol.com>

First issue is DONE and off to xeroxing, total 8 pages. To get first issue,
send SASE to the E2EA club box, Earth2: Eden Advance, P.O. Box 733,
Westminster, CA 92684-0733. Next issue(s) will be by subscription
(Note: Stacy has paid the costs for this issue, thanks Stacy!!!)

Canadian and International members: From Post Office, buy International Return
Coupons, then, mail the International return Coupons *loose* -- do not affix!--
with the self-addressed envelope. (From Sharon <SCHLUHS5@technet.nm.org>)

July <july@eden.rutgers.edu> suggested selling copies of the Dream Plane at
Sci-Fi cons as a fundraising idea.

E2EA Convention:
E2EA Contact: Julie <jwhite@mail.sdsu.edu>

Julie reports: "We have rounded-up with a group of people who are willing to
work out a proposal for the eagerly anticipated, 1st annual E2 convention--
New Pacificon '96.

The committee members are:
Vivien Latham (vivian@rfx.rfx.com)
Nicole Neilan (nneilan@unlinfo.unl.edu)
Tara O'Shea (tara@polaris.unm.edu)
Ann B. White (AnnieBW@aol.com)
Julie White (jwhite@mail.sdsu.edu)

Julie requests action on official letterhead.

Discussion Topics this Week:

SPACES? - A thread on the discussion of how many spaces at the end of sentences
and after colons, many said 2, many said 1. A desktop publishing maven <g>
(Shoshona <AniMaAmin@aol.com>) who has studied the origin of typography offers
the definitive word on "spaces" and states that the "two spaces" predates the
typewriter and was used to indicate a new sentance to the typesetter. "Today's
modern publications follow the new typography standards, and the extra space
is as obsolete as quill pens."

Geography: Humorous discussion of where Toronto lies, whether or not Phoenix
has subways, and Sharon <SCHLUHS5@technet.nm.org> trying to make us think that
New Mexico is part of the U.S. :)


Ratings for "Lost Civilizations" from Peggy <PeggyDJ@aol.com>
Sunday night's shows at 7 pm EDT were:

Rating Share Rank Last Week's Rank
60 Minutes 11 23 9 13
Am Fun Vid 7.9 17 25 51
Lost Civiliz. 4.1 9 78 78
Sliders 3.3 7 88 91


Shoshona <AniMaAmin@aol.com> confirmed the Universal mail target as:

Tom Thayer
Universal Television
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 500-12
Universal City, CA 91608

Amblin info:

"Lowdown from Amblin" from Nicole <nneilan@unlinfo.unl.edu>
1) WOW!!!
2) Very, very impressed
3) Ad was very tasteful, you all did a great job
Also: Heat needs to be kept on
Ratings overseas are doing well
Jessica Steen was married last week
Debra Farantino is due next week
(Sharon <SCHLUHS5@technet.nm.org> adds "It's a girl")

Clancy Brown feedback on AD from Donnijean <Donnijean@aol.com>:
"To Eden Advance:
The ad looked GREAT. Thanks so much. It's nice to be appreciated and thanked
publicly. And it's definitely going to make some waves. You all are now part
of Hollywood legend. Let's see what happens.
All the best - CB"

Amblin Contact:

Michael Duggan
c/o Amblin Entertainment
100 Universal Plaza, Bungalow 477
Universal City, CA 91608

Felicia <FLECOU@ewu.edu> suggested using the Sliders netforum on MCA web page
to continue E2 discussions.

Other Networks/Papers:

Kurt <captain@iadfw.net> suggested enlisting E2 fans from countries like the
U.K. and Australia that are showing Earth2 on a first run basis to start
building support *now* before the end of their season. See if we can get
momentum building now from the other countries for more shows.

Kurt <captain@iadfw.net> has updated the listing of email, net and snail
mail addresses for E2 contact info. See Kurt's posting for details. For updates
to the list, contact Kurt directly with subject line, "E2 CONTACTS."

? <seifert@cc.umanitoba.ca> received another reply from SciFi channel which
indicated a possible interest in E2 reruns.

ChazmanB <chazmanb@chazmanb.sdi.agate.net> is working on a reply received from
C|net central on possibility of story on save Earth2 efforts.

Nicole <nneilan@unlinfo.unl.edu> received reply from TNT on press release,
<TNT@ccmail.turner.com> said "good job but head programmers have no plans to
pick up the show"

Mark <mjm4@ix.netcom.com> reminds that TV Guide included E2 in its annual "save
our shows" campaign. Suggested might be worthwhile to see if we can get them to
mention our effort.

Repeating ABC contact info:

email: abcaudr@ccabc.com

ABC TV Viewer Services
77 West 66th St.
New York, NY 10023
(212) 456-7777

Mr. Ted Harbert
President of ABC Entertainment
2040 Avenue of the Stars, 6th Floor
Century City CA 90067
(213) 644-7777

Repeating Turner contact info:

Robert Levi
Executive Vice President
Program Administration & Acquisitions
Turner Entertainment Networks
1050 Techwood Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: (404) 885-4651, Fax: (404) 885-4947

Fan Work:

The CEDAR FREAKS <freaks@halcyon.com> (Carlos, Matto and Jim) have put up a
web site at <URL:http://www.halcyon.com/freaks/freaks.htm> for E2 images.

Timothy <timh@cc.wwu.edu> has created "Earth 2: Eden Advance" picture which can
be viewed at: <URL:http://www.wwu.edu/~timh/e2ea.html>


Paula <ga0215@siucvmb.siu.edu> submitted "Sleepless Nights" and "While She Lay
Dying (6 parts)"

Tara <tara@polaris.unm.edu> submitted "Choices" consisting of 13 Chapters
complete with Prologue and Epilogue. Also "The Letter"


Earth2Foundations (E2F) is writing to the 2 NBC shows which replaced E2:
Witt-Thomas-Harris Productions; "Brotherly Love"; 1438 North Gower; Hollywood
CA 90028 AND "Minor Adjustments" (at the same address) E2F is not writing
Joey Lawrence (BL) hate notes, but telling the producers "we won't be watching
their new shows because of E2 & leaving it at that!"

E2F reports that next season's producers for SeaQuest are: S.Spielberg, David
Burke, Patrick Hasburgh, Clifton Campbell, Carleton Eastlake, Lawrence Hertzog,
Oscar Costo, Les Sheldon, Philip Neel. NBC has ordered 13 eps of "3rd Rock From
The Sun" (John Lithgow & Jane Curtain) about aliens who come to Earth. Fox is
filming a 3rd Alien Nation movie "Millennium" to be shown next season along
with the 2nd "Body & Soul."


Martine <Martine@Vir.com> suggests members check out if there is a Sci Fi club
in their area. If there is one, obtain permission to speak during one of the
meetings and possibly distribute copies of the Dream Plane.

Kelly <kdubose@nsf.GOV> posts the Washington D.C. area con. info

FARPOINT '95 October 6, 7, & 8
Guest: Robert Picardo (ST: Voyager/China Beach)

NOVACON (Washington's Premier Star Trek Convention)
July 29 & 30, 1995 at the Westpark Hotel in Tysons Corner, Virginia
Guests: Marina Sirtis (ST: The Next Generation), Andrew Robinson (ST:
Deep Space Nine), Dave McDonnell (Editor, Starlog Magazine)

Rising Star 4 (Glenvar, Virginia)
September 29 - October 1
Guests: Richard Biggs (Babylon 5), and Spice Williams (?)



Gina <GinaT1000@aol.com>: spaces do count, generally 60 char. minimum and can
add another billboard for $50 more. 2 1/2 hours is max air time which includes
take off/landing time, figure 1 1/2 hours actual advertising. Robert, the owner
of Skyads claims that businesses get excellent response to the beach ads.

Kendall <E2Cheer@ix.netcom.com> is OK with 800 number for ad.

Banner suggestions (some):

"Emmy is gold
but fans are blue,
our Outstanding Drama
is Amblin's Earth 2" by Barbara <Barbara407@aol.com>

"Let the journey continue... Renew Earth 2" as re-posted by Vivien
<vivien@-gate.rfx.rfx.com> (Mike's comment: I apologize to the original author,
I seemed to have lost the first post).

NOTE: Michael Hart <mhart@law.fsu.edu> is collecting a list of all the banner
suggestions. (Offer to collect votes Michael?) Please email suggestions
directly to Michael.

Shoshona <AniMaAmin@aol.com> suggested E2 fans band together and meet outside
the emmys, holding up placards (big ones) with the same slogan as the banner.

There <TAK@gcwf.com> thought of going to Emmy's dressed as Terrians.

Cathy <Cathyfb@aol.com> suggests handing out cards that say, "This card will
get you free drinks at TGB&G". John <johnw@umsa.umd.edu> adds, this might be a
great stunt to pull at a con. especially if they had address or web page
listed, suggests:
TG like Robert Indiania's original LO
Mia <Miamc@aol.com> addes flip side could have E2EA info.

Alicia <mowlaial@ucunix.san.uc.edu> asks if we should think about a
strategically placed billboard. Mary <maryb@pacific.mitre.org> thinks yes and
do it before the Skyad if not too expensive.


Last week Gerald <71532.173@compuserve.com> suggested adding a pro-save e2
caption to your sig. line at the bottom of email's, this week Nicole
<nneilan@unlinfo.unl.edu> was asked about her sig. line by a viewer from U.K.

Scott <msgates@roanoke.infi.net> reports from "Hollywood Inside" article that
campaigns to save failed shows receive more attention through hand written
letters on personalized stationary. Just place Exec's address on the front of
envelope, NO mention on outside as to the letter's contents so it's not tossed.

Mary Lynne <m.nielsen@ieee.org> commenting on Donnijean's published letter to
the editor in EW notes that it could be due to the volume of letters which
might explain why they chose to highlight only E2.

Gina <GinaT1000@aol.com> Suggested sending post card to Eileen Roberts to thank
her for all the help that she was to Vivien and the Earth 2 supporters.

Eileen Roberts
5700 Wilshire
Suite 120
Los Angeles CA 90036

Member News:

New Members: Welcome Renee <redwards@ist.flinders.edu.au> from Australia
and Connie <wangor@aol.com>

Happy Birthday to Paula

Daily G889:

The Daily G889 (a Perry White Publication) announces the following new
businesses and business announcements from the Public Notices Section:

"KOBA", New Pacifica TV station owned by Ann and John White <AnnieBW@aol.com>

"Planetary Travel Services of New Pacifica", owner: Vicki Firth
<jvfirth@wchat.on.ca> has escorted tour with celebrity guide Devon Adair and
her friends exploring "the vast and uncharted reaches of our planet."

"The Grendler Love Connection" Barbara Satow <Barbara407@aol.com> President
and Founder, promoting Grendler Love, "Love a Grendler; Love a Lifetime."

"Hotel New Pacifica", Owner: Vicky [of the Horde] "A Great Place to Crash
for a While!"

"Terrian Pest Control", a Morgan Martin Enterprise, local franchise owned and
operated by Clay Williams <klaatu@host.yab.com>. "We're on GEAR o' course,
and centrally located in downtown New Pacifica, zip G889-0210."

Grendler Bar & Grille:

In celebration of Variety Ad day Sharon <SCHLUHS5@technet.nm.org> posted an
announcement at the GB&G that New Pacifica Nissan would have free Koba dogs and
entertainment by the TBGHMFSG889 for "Nissan Sentra day" singing, "She's got
Bette Grendler Eyes...". KOBA, the first New Pacifica TV station owned by Ann
and John <AnnieBW@aol.com> ran ads all day promoting the event.

Week long celebrations at TGB&G as arranged by Cathy <Cathyfb@aol.com>
(resident mixologist)
Sunday - "First Annual Terrian Limbo Contest and Rock Party"
Monday - "New Pacifica Beach Volleyball"
Tuesday - "Koba Dart Competition"
Wednesday - "The Bitchin' Grendler HotMamas from Swingin' 889"
Thursday - "Free Seminar on TV Depression"
Friday - "VR Jazz Band"
Saturday - "First Annual Grendler Scavenger Hunt"
1st prize: 1- Eden Advance Hover Craft
2nd prize: 1- All you can carry in 15mins, Cargo Pod Shopping Trip
3rd prize: 5-Devon and Danz Drink & Drop Water Bottles

Everyone gets a prize!
Men will receive a PeeBeeOne Urinal Poster, every part is a Bull's eye. PB's
picture compliments of AOL and NBC.

Women will receive a "Bess Martin Silverware Necklace" just like the
one featured in NBG's.

Drink of the Week at TGB&G - "Radical Biologists"
A shot of Sambucca topped with Grendler Cream. "So round up the Gang and
Shoot'em down!" As always, we offer assorted "Frozen Grendler Fruit Drinks"
mixed in our own Cryo Chamber by our Resident Mixologist, -Cathyfb.

Barbara <Barbara407@aol.com>, Bean Counter, from the firm, "Martin, Martin,
White & Lodato", warned that the giving away of so many "free" drinks may in
fact seriously undermine the GB&G profit margin. I "ain't" even gonna post
proprieter Shoshona's remarks :) (Mike wonders if now he's gotta pay his tab)