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Earth 2: Eden Advance (E2EA) Topics:

Mail Blitz:

To Steve Spielberg/Amblin (See Amblin information below).

E2EA Merchandising:

Vote sheets are still being tallied by Vicky <Seleya8@aol.com> please send in
you ballot if you have not already done so.

E2EA List'iquette:

Try not to include entire blocks of text in replies, only what's appropriate.
Use general keywords like 'DISCUSSION','HUMOR',etc. in the subject line in order
to let people know what the post regards. Alicia reserves subject heading 'ALL
READ' for list administrative purposes.

E2EA Contact: Alicia <mowlaial@ucunix.san.uc.edu>

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The Dream Plane Newsletter:
E2EA Contact: Stacy <WillowNMS@aol.com>

For more info on Earth 2: Eden Advance, and to get a *FREE* copy of the premiere
issue of The Dream Plane, send a business size, or *PREFERABLY* a 6x9, self-
addressed stamped envelope to:

Earth 2: Eden Advance
P.O. Box 733
Westminster, CA 92684-0733

Either size of envelope will require $.55 postage. For fans outside of the
United States, send a self-addressed envelope and include international return
coupons (not affixed). The first issue is free, subsequent monthly issues can be
obtained on a subscription basis: $10 for fans in the U.S., $15 Canadian for
fans in Canada, and $20 U.S. for fans outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Discussion Topics this Week:

Discussion- Basic human problems in Sci-fi, e.g. birth control, and the most
basic of human maintainance :O

Members suggested starting a "Earth 2" cookbook containing real and "joke"
recipies with an E2 motif.

Cheryl <guitonch@sch.ge.com> issued a request for a formal count of all those
interested in the cookbook. If you are, please e-mail Cheryl if you would
like one published and/or are willing to submit a recipe or two. She has
requested the information from the company that produced the one that she has
and should have the information shortly.


Continuing email to local stations and affiliates. connect to


Universal mail:

Tom Thayer
Universal Television
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 500-12
Universal City, CA 91608

Amblin Contact:

Michael Duggan
c/o Amblin Entertainment
100 Universal Plaza, Bungalow 477
Universal City, CA 91608

Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg
c/o Amblin Entertainment c/o Dreamsworks SKG
100 Universal City Plaza 100 Universal City Plaza
Bungalow 477 Lakeside Bldg. #601
Universal City, CA 91608 Universal City, CA 91608

Other Networks/Papers:

CBS contact info:

Leslie Moonves
Entertainment. President
7800 Beverly Blvd. or: 51 W. 52nd Street
Los Angeles CA 90036 New York, NY 10019
Email: cbso01a@prodigy.com

ABC contact info:

email: abcaudr@ccabc.com
Mr. Ted Harbert
ABC TV Viewer Services President of ABC Entertainment
77 West 66th St. 2040 Avenue of the Stars, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10023 Century City CA 90067
(212) 456-7777 (213) 644-7777

Turner contact info:

Robert Levi
Executive Vice President
Program Administration & Acquisitions
Turner Entertainment Networks
1050 Techwood Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: (404) 885-4651, Fax: (404) 885-4947

Fan Work:

Cat <domino@cybercomm.net> and Tara <tara@polaris.unm.edu> would like to see
challenges for FanFic topics. Tara wonders what E2 characters would be like if
their roles/fates were reversed like Devon the drone, John the rich one.

Tanya <radkey@mail.atcon.com> Headmistress of "Adair Consolodated" asks members
to visit the Home Page at <http://www.atcon.com/ourusers/a/adair/adaircon.htm>

Anne <annek@puccini.crl.umn.edu> published a list of all the FanFic stories
wand where they would fall chronologically. She asks authors to let her know
if their your story is incorrectly placed or the story should be elsewhere.


"In the Shadow of Eve" 2/7 by Kath Fisher <kez@magna.com.au>

"A Snake in the Garden" 6/6 by Lynne Leeper <soaron@netcom.com>

"Trust In Love" 3/3 (sequel to "A Matter of Trust") by Joan Powers


Alexis <75027.1277@compuserve.com> says that on Sunday nights at 8:00 Eastern
there will be chats on Earth 2 in the science fiction forum. To join in, click
on the go icon, type "scifi" at the prompt, and register with the science
fiction media forum. Once inside, choose the conference menu from the top of
the screen, and select the conference rooms option. The name of the earth 2
room is New Pacifica.

>From CompuServe, Mickie <mick@mail.earthlink.net> reports that after September,
the Earth2 discussion in SFMEDIA Forum will take place in SF/Fantasy TV
(Section 21). Earth 2 is the topic of the month for September.

Alicia <Alicia.Mowlai-Ashtiani@uc.edu> has created E2 areas in MUSH connect to
TIM (telnet to yay.tim.org 5440) then you @tel #2107. That will get you there.

Mary <maryb@pacific.mitre.org> (The Original Red-Hot Morganitte) found a WWW
page called "TV Chat". Right now it's a moderated page but there will be a
main room coming. It's located at: <http://tvnet.com/TVChat/chat.html>
She suggests going there for a chat session from time to time.


Cathy <Cathyfb@aol.com> reports that Earth 2 was well advertised at the Valley
Forge Convention 0n 8-19. She left about 100 of the Eden Advance Brochures and
an equal number of Pacificon 96 flyers. Stacy <WillowNMS@aol.com> adds that
copies of the Dream Plane were left by KissAMuse.

Vivian <vivien@rfx.rfx.com> reports that there is an upcomming SciFi convention,
CON RAD, October 27-29, 1995, at Universal City Hilton and Towers, Universal
City, CA. Anyone interested in going? Contact Vivian SOON, and then
arrangements can be made to meet there. Let's remind SciFi fans that Earth 2
fans still exist!!

John's <johnw@umsa.umd.edu> coworker is headed out to WorldCon, the 53rd World
Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow, Scotland next week. He's volunteered to
take 100 of Shoshona's Dream Plane pamphlets and 100 New PacifiCon '96 flyers.



Gina <GinaT1000@aol.com> says write, fax, and e-mail newspaper and TV people.
Let everyone know that Skyads and Earth 2 fans are going to the Emmys!

Suggested targets:

Michelle Roberts Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews
at Good Morning America c/o CBS This Morning
4151 Prospect Avenue 524 W. 57th Street
Los Angeles CA 90027 New York, New York 10019

Carin Wong Rose Evans or Lissa Druss
c/o Entertainment Tonight c/o Extra
5555 Melrose Avenue 1840 Victory Blvd.
Hollywood CA 90038 Glendale CA 91201

Gina has a quote from Robert of Skyads that may be used in the letter writting
"I've never seen an audience so entralled with a show as the fans of Earth2",
so says Robert Scott of Skyads. (1-800-4-skyads) "This is the first
time that I have flown a banner for a show paid for by its supporters."

Shoshona <AniMaAmin@aol.com> is looking for local, Southern California Edenites
to attend the outside Emmy festivities to hold up placards with E2 slogans on
them. Please E-mail her or Gina <GinaT1000@aol.com> to get involved


Mao <mao369@ix.netcom.com> reports Earth 2 was nominated for its *THIRD* emmy
for special effects in the pilot episode.
"Earth 2" - Episode, "Pilot" - NBC - Kevin Pike, Special Effects
Supervisor; Michael Shea, Special Effects Supervisor; Daniel Lombardo,
Special Visual Effects Producer; Tim Landry, Digital Effects
Supervisor; David Goldberg, Visual Effects Model Maker."

Kath <kez@magna.com.au> would be interested in starting a group for E2 fans
in Sydney.

Susan <sstiers@comp.uark.edu> was impressed with the Newsletter and knows
people/fans who do not have access to computers, etc. So she has the
suggestion that everyone who gets the newsletter make copies of the blue E2EA
informational brochure and then distribute it at their local bookstores
(i.e. sci-fi/fantasy, comic book, retail, whoever will allow it). It could
be set on the counter where people could easily see it. Those doing this
should keep track of how many they take and how often to get an idea of
potential interest and then report. (Mike adds: good idea!)

Michael <mhart@lawsun.law.fsu.edu> found out that in NBC's new fall schedule,
they have moved SeaQuest to Wed. at 8PM and wonders why they would move that
show to a new day & time slot and not try the same for EARTH2!

Alexis <75027.1277@compuserve.com> found a letter in the "Information Please"
column of the "TV Times" where a viewer asked about Earth 2 and was given
information on E2EA! The following is th question and response.

"What the future of Earth 2, my absolute favorite program?"
--Eric Weiner, Montreal

"Dim. NBC announced its cancellation in the spring. Despite an Emmy
nomination for best makeup and the upcoming release of the soundtrack, at
press time none of the major u.S. networks seemed interested in picking it
up. But fans are lobbying hard. There is a newsletter available c/o Earth 2
Eden Advance, PO Box 733, Westminster, Ca. USA, 92684-0733. Enclose
international postage vouchers, sold at post offices, to have your copy

Grendler Bar & Grille:
Proprieter: Shoshona <AniMaAmin@aol.com>

>From the owner:
Seems she's having a hard time keeping the Peacock and Reilly sober, the
Peacock now appears to be the drunk in the corner. Who knows, probably would
be Reilly next, maybe even Gaal! Whatever, somebody's gonna get thrown in
Deputy Walman's jail to sleep it off. Stay tuned...