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Earth 2: Eden Advance (E2EA) Topics:

Kim <Hunter3733@aol.com> of "The New Pacifica Census Bureau" is collecting
demographics of E2EA list members and requests that members voluntarily provide
the following information:
Name, age, sex (yes please is not an appropriate answer), income, occupation,
where you're from, favorite E2 character, favorite E2 story line and anything
else you think is pertinent to the group.

Mark <mjm4@ix.netcom.com> is collecting names/addresses/email addresses/etc.
for the E2EA membership database. Please send Mark your address info.

Vicky <Seleya8@aol.com> and the Horde <no address yet> :) are collecting ideas
for E2EA club merchandise. Please send your ideas to her. (Mike's note: Vicky is
only *collecting* ideas and does not actually have mugs etc. so please do not
contact her with your Visa card!)

EMAIL Campaign:
NBC, Disney and Turner see below. NBC to begin airing E2 reruns, Disney and
Turner to pick up the show.

E2EA List'iquette:

Try not to include entire blocks of text in replies, only what's appropriate.
Use general keywords like 'DISCUSSION','HUMOR',etc. in the subject line in
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The Dream Plane Newsletter:
E2EA Contact: Stacy <WillowNMS@aol.com>

"Lefty" Bieman and crew folded and mailed the DP out this week to "glowing"
reviews! Good work DP Crew!! (PS: Shoshona, love the E2:EA brochure as well!)

For more info on Earth 2: Eden Advance, and to get a *FREE* copy of the
premiere issue of The Dream Plane, send a business size, or *PREFERABLY* a 6x9,
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Earth 2: Eden Advance
P.O. Box 733
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fans in Canada, and $20 U.S. for fans outside of the U.S. and Canada.

E2EA Convention:
E2EA Contact: Julie <Julie@sdsu.edu>

Julie notes that the ConCom is seeking more input from all potential con goers.
They would like to get a more accurate idea of how many people from the list
want and may be able to go. The ConCom is planning New Pacificon '96 to be held
on a Friday-Sunday in April/May in Albuquerque and expect to select the exact
date and hotel rates by mid-September. The ConCom has posted a more detailed
survey which each member should fill out and return in order to assist in the

The ConCom's letterhead can be viewed at

Discussion Topics this Week:

Quote quiz: Fans responded "mightily" to the first quote quiz by creating more!

Boy who would be Terrian King: Where was John Danziger in the future?

Uly's name quiz: How did Devon come up with name Uly, short for Ulysses. Name
may hold clue to what Uly Adair's future might hold and what Devon hoped for her
son to become.

Related discussion centered around how True received her name.

Discussion on how Devon and True could have developed their relationship.

A HUGE discussion on E2 merchandise!


Alicia <mowlaial@ucunix.san.uc.edu> forwarded a blurb from NBC Xtra
<xtra@nbcxtra.com> about a new replacement show called "3rd Rock From The Sun,"
which they say is: "featuring the hilarious travails of four aliens who have
come to earth to observe human behavior." (Mike fumes: Isn't that interesting,
this should be much better than a show about humans traveling to Earth2
observing aliens)

Nicole <nneilan@unlinfo.unl.edu> notes that there was a section praising NBC
Emmy-nominated programs and Earth2 was conspicuously absent. She wrote a polite
note to letters@nbcxtra.com pointing out the pettiness of this act and asks
others on the list to do the same

Michelle <mick@atlas.earthlink.net> reports, "KNBC has said that they were
planning on airing reruns of EARTH2 starting in August. Tonight was the last
episode of Lost Civilizations. NOW is a good time to *remind* KNBC that we want
our reruns."


Kathleen <MKO%GIZMO@rcc.rti.org> reports NBC has a new web site at
<URL:http://www.nbc.com>. Raman <pfaff@nscl.msu.edu> noted NBC also has
page for sending e-mail to an NBC station, they have a nice form page where you
can do this. They have about 40 of their stations listed. It's at
<URL:http://www.nbc.com/stations/stationsmw.html>. Jamison
<wieser@ix.netcom.com> found that NBC has a "chat" area where viewers can leave
comments, suggests E2EA members "spam" the board
<URL:http://www.nbc.com/entertainment/showschat.html> (Mike's note: I

Raman <pfaff@nscl.msu.edu> posted the latest Sci-Fi TV ratings
52. "Lois & Clark," ABC, 6.6
52. "X-Files," Fox, 6.6
79. "SeaQuest DSV," NBC, 4.4
83. "Star Trek: Voyager," UPN, 3.4
85. "Sliders," Fox, 3.3


Universal mail:

Tom Thayer
Universal Television
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 500-12
Universal City, CA 91608

Amblin Contact:

Michael Duggan
c/o Amblin Entertainment
100 Universal Plaza, Bungalow 477
Universal City, CA 91608

Other Networks/Papers:

Herman <chazmanb@agate.net> fired off his letter to C|net Central as per their
request to learn more about save E2 activities.

CBS contact info:

Leslie Moonves
Entertainment. President
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90036
51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
Email: cbso01a@prodigy.com

ABC contact info:

email: abcaudr@ccabc.com

ABC TV Viewer Services
77 West 66th St.
New York, NY 10023
(212) 456-7777

Mr. Ted Harbert
President of ABC Entertainment
2040 Avenue of the Stars, 6th Floor
Century City CA 90067
(213) 644-7777

Disney contact info:
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Shoshona <AniMaAmin@aol.com> reported receiving a letter from Kate McSweeny at
Turner, Gina <GinaT1000@aol.com> and Mike <mbrando@pe-nelson.com> received one
from Ted Richards. Targets this week are:

Ted Richards Kate McSweeny
TBS Programming Vice President of TBS Programming
1050 Techwood Drive NW 1050 Techwood Drive NW
Altanta, Georgia 30318 Altanta, Georgia 30318

Other Turner contact info:

Robert Levi
Executive Vice President
Program Administration & Acquisitions
Turner Entertainment Networks
1050 Techwood Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: (404) 885-4651, Fax: (404) 885-4947

Fan Work:

Cathy <Cathyfb@aol.com> is working on the bumpersticker idea. She reports the
basic ones cost about $1 each for white background with a color lettering or
color background with white lettering. Extra colors cost more. About 25 cents a
color. She asks what does everyone want? Notes that someone is already working
on the 'Danziger- Devon 96', so she'd like to do something different, like 'Eden
Advance', 'Let the Journey Continue'.

Ethelyn <mestiza@u.washington.edu> noted there are three bumpersticker designs
on Enerjy's page as follows: "Earth2 fans do it in Gear" "Adair & Danziger
'96/Eden Advance" and an "earth2" logo.
<URL:http://eskimo.com/~fallen/ea/ea.html>. Ethelyn has over 100 names of people
who want the A&D one.

Tim <timh@cc.wwu.edu> has collected pics of most of the logos at


Dawn Minges <AnnaKrieg@aol.com> submitted the conclusion for "A Face In the

Sue <sgcotton@nando.net> is working on a story and needs to know some of the
military history of the Earth by the time of our favorite gang. If anyone has
info about Earth's military background please contact Sue.

Gina <stara@primenet.com> is putting out an adult fanzine in the fall, "In the
Heart of Eden" approx 170 pages with artwork. Cost $24. Make checks payable to
Gina Alkazian, c/o Stephara Press * 17351 Mayall Street, Northridge CA. 91325.
Please include $3.00 for shipping and handling .

Rayhne <Rayhne@execpc.com> is working on a story and needs info on the list and
descriptions of the 'extra' characters...the ones not in the main credits?


Tanya <radkey@atcon.com> lists the following article from rec.arts.sf.fandom
Earth2: Eden Advance
P.O. Box 733
Westminster CA 92684-0733
(newly-formed fan club)
Email: earth2@stargame.org
Other Email contact names/addresses:
KissAMuse@aol.com for E2F information.
Dr Hellar@aol.com and Lt Lawrenc@aol.com to get the Earth2 and
Earth2Foundations online newsletter.
Web page: http://www.umsa.umd.edu/johnw/Earth2/EdenAdvance.html
Newsletter: The Dream Plane, (first issue just come out this month)
Dues: Not established yet.
Samples of first issue are complementary except for mailing costs.
Send a SASE for more information.

Mickie <mick@mail.earthlink.net> reports from a post on CompuServe that Earth2
has been nominated for a second emmy for best sound editing for First Contact
(Pilot Episode).

>From an article on alt.tv.earth2 Lee <LAMayhue@aol.com> writes: Varese Saraband
(818.753.4143) is an independent CD label that only releases soundtracks. They
buy the right to soundtracks that other studios won't release because they don't
believe they will sell very well, members can try to spark interest in an Earth2

>From CompuServe, Peter <100342.1356@Compuserve.com> from the U.K. writes: "I
have just read that the show has been canceled. How and they do this to us , I
only just seen the first episode and think it is great, what where the TV exec's


Anne <AnnieBW@aol.com> reports that she and others attended NovaCon. They left
flyers and "free drink" cards on the flyer table, no E2 merchandise was found.
They did get to speak to the editor of Starlog, Dave McDonnell who said they
will be running one more E2 story about the actor who played Zero.

Barbara <Barbara407@aol.com> went to the San Diego Comic Convention and noted
that MCA had a booth promoting sci-fi materials and had two E2 posters displayed
along with the books. Barbara left 300 E2EA flyers on the freebie table which
were gone by Sunday, MCA took the flyers and made more at their expense and kept
them on their giveaway table. (Mike: There's still a bunch of fan interest out
there guys!) Gina <GinaT1000@aol.com> adds that the E2 buttons were all gone by
the first day, the seaQuest buttons were still there by the last.

Gina <stara@primenet.com> reports that a representative from Galifrey 96 stated
he was in contact with was Clancy Brown and was very hopeful that CB (barring
any other commitments) would be able to attend. Also mentioned where a series of
panels proposed for the Con. such as "Why we like Earth 2" with both pro and con
people represented; and "Why does quality Sci-Fi Television never survives on
Network Television"



Mary <maryb@pacific.mitre.org> reports that 26 people pledged and the goal of
$550 for the Skyad flyby over the 1995 Emmy Awards has been reached.

Vivien <vivien@rfx.rfx.com> suggests BLITZing the media prior to the Skyad
flyover so they know it's coming.


MAO <mao369@ix.netcom.com> was perusing the latest (Sept 1995) issue of NetGuide
(the Guide to Online Services and the Internet), and was very surprised to see
Earth2 mentioned! The web site TV Net <URL:http://www.tvnet.com/TVnet.html>
seems to have most of our favorite sites, including the E2:EA official site and
Frank's site. The home-page of the magazine is <URL:http://techweb.cmp.com/net>

Gina <GinaT1000@aol.com> posts the address of a publisher where most of the
seasons scripts can be picked up:
Hollywood Book and Poster
6349 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood CA 90028
(213) 465-8764

Sharon <SCHLUHS5@technet.nm.org> reports that "Debrah "Devon Adair" Farentino is
the proud mother of a healthy baby girl. Ms. Farentino gave birth a week ago
Thursday. Although unconfirmed at the time of this post, sources indicate the
actress planned to name the child Sofie. Ms. Farentino and her husband, Gregory
Hoblit, are the parents of a 3 year old daughter named Mollie, as well.

Vicky <Seleya8@aol.com> posted the entire transcript of the PeeBeeOne chat on

Vivian <vivien@rfx.rfx.com> reports there is a service for making personalized
license plate frames, price is $16.50. Check out the web site:

Nicole <nneilan@unlinfo.unl.edu> found CineWeb site where there's an article
about Earth2 location shooting in New Mexico and pic of Gaal's ship and some
cast members at:
Nicole and Raman <pfaff@nscl.msu.edu> posted articles from this site.

Kim <KimG889@aol.com> posted script of interviews with Joey and Madison from the
Earth2 article that appeared in the May 95 issue of Disney Adventures.

Jack <jack.wallace@gtri.gatech.edu> posted the following from the August 8 issue
of Soap Opera Update (SOU), in the Inside Info section, there was a piece on
Sabato which said:
"Although unconfirmed as we went to press, SOU has learned that Antonio
Sabato Jr. (ex-Jagger, GH) has signed for at least six episodes of Melrose
Place, beginning with the season opener. Does this mean that the rumors
circulating that Sabato's NBC series Earth2 will return next season are
untrue? Not necessarily, say our sources. If Earth2 does return, it will
be as a mid-season replacement and would not affect Sabato's MP appearances."

Tim <timh@cc.wwu.edu> has sound file of CB saying, "And now, back to Earth 2.".
Check out <URL:http://www.wwu.edu/~timh/e2cast.html>

Nicole <nneilan@unlinfo.unl.edu> found that the Jessica Steen page now has
wedding shots. The site is linked to the E2EA home page or go directly to

Cathy <Cathyfb@aol.com> offers the final words of Eden Advance to help sustain
us over what might be a long fight:
"We'd be living on the horizon once again. This winter camp would be home only
to memories of things feared, things overcome and things learned. Enough we
hoped to help us to make an impossible journey possible."

Member News:

Mark <mark@sprawl.hb.north.de> from Germany (who reports that E2 will begin
showing on Aug. 30th) and Rayhne <Rayhne@execpc.com> introduced themselves.

Hello to Aldo <badano@engin.umich.edu> from South America

Update(s) from last week:


Daily G889: "All the news we can fit!"

>From The Daily G889, New Pacifica's first daily newspaper which is proud to
report that we are now B.R.I.B.E certified! (Don't ask what *this* cost :-o )

Sue <sgcotton@nando.net> has started the "G889 Sewing Circle and Quilting Bee",
Scoop <SCHLUHS5@technet.nm.org> signed up right away and suggests making small
baby quilts for the newest citizens of G889!

>From the TV Listings:

Ann <AnnieBW@aol.com>, General Manager, of KOBA-TV announces the KOBA Sports and
New Pacifica Nissan proudly present the first (hopefully annual) Moon Cross
Baseball Classic - The Eden Advance Colonists vs. the G889 All-Stars.

Grendler Bar & Grille:
Proprieter: Shoshona <AniMaAmin@aol.com>

Mixologist Cathy <Cathyfb@aol.com> added a new drink to the list (something
about any port in a storm for a certain englishwoman :) )

Port Wine- served only on the left hand side of the bar under the red light
or is it the green light?
also have:
Reilly High Ball- Named for that famous lurker in the sky, who can't find his
Blue Pacifica- A tropical drink that is the goal of all weary travelers in
search of the right direction. Served on a Wayland map
Harvey WallmanBanger- Rated "PG-889. Served with a dazzling smile that will
sweep you off your feet.
MagnaRita- Tequila, Triple Sec and Limejuice, cryomixed to give it a frosty
top. Linedwith salt from the tears of Earth 2 fans on
hearing of cancelation
Baines Schnapps- Have a schnapps and get paranoid. Comes with a oversize
coaster which reads "I'm locked in the TransRover and I
won't come out".
Sake- Favorite drink of all 889's punch drunk champs. Served in scenes such
as: Julia (left-cross) Heller to Devon -The Enemy Within.

Kim <> Waitress at The GB&G created a new game, KOBA DARTS!!! Pick out your
favorite Koba, point 'em, and shoot! The nail getting the closet to the middle
of PB's head wins!!