Date: Sat, 22 Jul 1995 12:24:00 -0700
From: Mike Brando

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Earth 2: Eden Advance (E2EA) Topics:

Ad Hoc Ad Committee:
E2EA Contact: Clay

Variety Ad:

Ran Monday, July 10th. You can download a GIF of the Variety ad at:

Contact Felicia if you need a copy mailed to you.

Reminder: If you have *not* yet mailed your pledge contribution, please do so.

Mail Campaign:

Continuing to Amblin (see below)

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Stacy sent out the 'DREAM PLANE FAQ' which lists how to get the first issue, "SASE to the E2EA club box, Earth2: Eden Advance, P.O. Box 733, Westminster, CA 92684-0733." Issue come with a subscription form for 12 issues which covers the cost of materials. Those outside the U.S., send a self-addressed envelope to the P.O. box listed above. With the envelope, include International Postal Coupons but DON'T affix them to the envelope. The coupons will be used to get stamps which will allow the material to be sent back.

Volunteers: Drop a note to editor, Stacy, if you're interested in writing for the DP. If you live in the L.A. area and would like to help stuff envelopes, then drop a note to Shoshona .

E2EA Convention:
E2EA Contact: Julie

Nicole suggest looking at E2EA graphics at or

for possible use as E2EA letterhead. The ConCom needs letterhead soon in order to send out invites and such. Felicia has been looking into printing options for letterhead stationary, requests that LH ideas be cc'd to her.

Discussion Topics this Week:

E2 versus Star Trek(s).

Cast members wearing rings in the show. Kris, Clay, Sharon, Julie and Tara wonder: John wearing a ring around his neck? Debrah's on her right hand? Jessica's on her thumb from way back. Anne offers, "Dogtags: I noticed them on Alonzo, Danziger, Wentworth, and Walman. Julia, Bess, Morgan and Uly don't wear them."


Universal mail:

Tom Thayer
Universal Television
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 500-12
Universal City, CA 91608

Amblin info:

Sharon "Scoop" says, "Debrah Farentino has NOT yet had her baby, but she is due any moment. She is "interviewing for parts in feature films and television" this summer, "in the next few weeks".

Gina received the following letter from Amblin, "Universal Television, may in the future consider the series for another network, however at this time there is no discussion to do so." So what will she do now? WRITE MORE LETTERS!

Amblin Contact:

Michael Duggan
c/o Amblin Entertainment
100 Universal Plaza, Bungalow 477
Universal City, CA 91608

Other Networks/Papers:

Kurt has updated the listing of email, net and snail mail addresses for E2 contact info. See Kurt's new posting for details. For updates to the list, contact Kurt directly with subject line, "E2 CONTACTS."

Grail reports that Earth2 will begin airing in England/Ireland/Scotland/Wales/northwest Europe in early October.

ABC contact info:


ABC TV Viewer Services
77 West 66th St.
New York, NY 10023
(212) 456-7777

Mr. Ted Harbert
President of ABC Entertainment
2040 Avenue of the Stars, 6th Floor
Century City CA 90067
(213) 644-7777

Michael received a letter from Dee Woods at TNT suggesting writing to Robert Levi (which he did) for Earth2.

Turner contact info:

Robert Levi
Executive Vice President
Program Administration & Acquisitions
Turner Entertainment Networks
1050 Techwood Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: (404) 885-4651, Fax: (404) 885-4947

Fan Work:

Enerjy has his new web site online. Offering Links, Graphics, lots of fan fict at:

Leigh is working on setting up a Grendler Bar and Grille Home page, visit:

Tim has a new web page containing pictures of (almost) all the E2 cast members and some aliens, the map of G889, and some group pictures.


"Charity of the Enemy", 3/3. A conclusion to Faith and Illusions & The Hope in Visions by Vicki Firth .

"Dreams of a Lost Tribe" 6/6. Vicky

"Only In Their Dreams" 3/3. by Carrie Reed

"The End Of The Road" 3/3 by Kristen Saari


Michelle reports from the SFMEDIA forum on CompuServe: The convention, GALLIFREY '96: The Seventh Seal of Gallifrey One, is February 16-19, 1996, at the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys, California. They plan to have at least one of the Earth2 cast members and E2 discussion and activity. The convention organizer states "the more E2 fan support we get, the more E2-related stuff we plan to have." For more information, call (818) 752-9656 or email to, or write to Gallifrey Conventions, PO Box 3021, North Hollywood, CA 91609.

Robert suggests we all try and use the newsgroups more this way more people will have a chance to find out about the movement to save Earth 2 & how they can help.

Earth2Foundations (E2F) thinks CBS may still be negotiating it's new season & hasn't set its entire schedule or mid-season replacements. Recommends writing

Leslie Moonves
Entertainment. President
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90036
51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019


Anne says, "A small group of Washington, DC folks are going to try to talk to the Editor of Starlog on the 29th at a con in the DC suburbs. (NovaCon at the Tysons Westpark, Tyson's Corner, VA).

Mary plans to hand out cards made up to hand at the NovaCon next weekend using The Grendler Bar & Grill complimentary drink idea.

Leigh went to Space Center Houston in Houston Texas last thursday and meet Joey Zimmerman and J. Madison Wright

------ Other: ------


Gina : The billboard would cost about $4700! Besides banners Skyads flys five foot letters hooked together. The closest wordage that we can get to Barbara's cute poem is to replace the words "number one" with #1:

Emmy is gold
Fans are blue,
Our #1 drama
Is Amblin's Earth 2

Gina asks for volunteers to list all the choices for the Emmys and let people on the list vote for their favorite slogan

NOTE: Michael Hart is collecting a list of all the banner suggestions. (Offer to collect votes Michael?) Please email suggestions directly to Michael.

Clay reports that Earth 2 got an Emmy nomination for makeup! INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT IN MAKEUP FOR A SERIES; "Earth 2: After the Thaw," NBC

Tara suggests using, "The Emmy Nominated SF drama Earth2"

Shoshona asks, If anyone's interested in meeting at the Emmy's, contact her, Viv , or Gina.


Renee from Australia wrote: "a couple of letters to the execs in America (got the addresses off of the web page) and covered it in Aussie flag stickers, so I don't know if it will do any good, but at least they will know that the decision not to renew Earth 2 has far reaching consequences!!!!!!!!!!"

Mark suggests the best course of action for our overseas compatriots would be to write letters of support to Michael Duggan and Amblin and support the effort to get the show into syndication since the U.S. networks aren't likely to care about the show's international appeal.

Cathy reports that there are two letter to the editor in the August Issue of Starlog from people who are upset that Earth 2 was canceled. "From the sounds of it they stared out lukewarm about the show but grew to love the series and were very upset about cancelation."

Gina suggests putting flyers in the Dream Plane when sending out. This way whoever gets flyers if they're attending cons themselves, they can print up lots of copies to leave on a table.

(Thogek) For those asking for actors biographies, there's an automated email service in the UK which you can mail for general actor filmographies. Mail to '' with a line like PERSN in the message body Example: mail PERSN Brown, Clancy

Dana was watching Entertainment Tonight (Mon. July 17) who said that Antonio is joining Melrose Place this fall. says from USA Today, Rebecca Gayheart will be joining Beverly Hills 90210 as Luke Perry's new girl friend and Christy's Kelli Martin was signing a contract to star in a movie with Earth 2's Antonio Sabato, Jr.

>From "E2Cheer" herself, Kendall offers the following:
E is for Eden Project that we dearly love
A is for the Actors sent from God above
R is for Renewal our one and only goal
T is for the Terrians who speak to mind and soul
H is for the Happiness of the *many* fans
2 is for the Second season that we all demand!
RENEW EARTH2!!!!!!!!!

Member News:

Happy Birthday to Mary and Me!

Update(s) from last week:

The CEDAR FREAKS (Carlos, Matto and Jim) web site was incorrectly listed. The correct URL for their E2 images is:>

Daily G889: "All the news we can fit!"

>From The Daily G889, New Pacifica's first daily newspaper.

New business announcements from the Public Notices Section:

Sue , owner of the "New Pacifica Garden Club" Is sponsoring the Annual "Run For Spring" Marathon & Bunjee Jump.

The "Terrian Lawn and Garden Center", located at Eden Avenue and Zero Street New Pacifica, Farka G889-0210 owned and operated by Clay "*** There's Nothing Like Terrian When You're Dealing With Dirt! ***"

"The Terrian Training Camp", Founded by Paula .

Cheryl Head Baker/Owner of "The Moon Cross Bakery" and her *award* winning G889 cookie (ask Clay :-O) also has the delicacies, Terrian Sand Tarts - Cookie covered with cinnamon and sugar 'sand'. Gingerbread Kobas - Koba shaped cookie complete with candy cornnails. Grendler Globs - Unusually shaped drop cookies with lots of sugar glaze

Dawn Co-owner, New Pacifica Martin Market celebrate's Rebecca Gayheart in the Glints commercial with aisle runs, pie tosses, and other festive activities.

Kendall & Warren announce the opening of: "PACIFICADE, WHERE FUN IS THE NAME OF THE GAME!!" Sunday July 23

MHJ , President and Founder of the new government agency: The Building, health and safety Review and Inspection Body of Earth2 (or B.R.I.B.E. for short) who's concerned that the New Pacifica Building, Health and Safety Codes are not being followed by all the new businesses popping up. (Hey, cost me a boat-load of Danzinger BoilerMakers to "speed up" my Certificate of Occupancy for the newspaper! Luckily Tanya Headmistress, Adair Consolodated, has him back in class for another 1 1/2 credits in G889ography or I'd still be buying at the GB&G!)

>From the TV Listings:

Station KOBA-TV's Sunday night lineup
6:00 PM - Local News w/your anchors Bess Martin and Yale
6:30 PM - Galactic news, courtesy of G889 News Network (GNN for short)
7:00 PM - (Do you really have to ask?) EARTH 2. This exciting drama,
now in it's fifth season, will premier with Uly Adair and True
Danziger discovering teenage lust in "Forever". During the
premier, KOBA-TV will give half-price drinks to Humans and
Terrians (those Grendlers'll drink us out of house and home!)
8:00 PM - Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast, starrring Broderick O'Neill.
Featured guest - Tim (Dr. Frank N. Furter) Curry
9:00 PM - Movie "Saga of the Cancelled Shows" Characters from your
favorite fandoms try to get their shows back on the air.
Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper
Eric Pierpont as Detective George Francisco
Lori Singer as Sydney
Ron Perlman as Vincent
Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett
With special guest appearances by:
Geraint Wyn Davies as Detective Nick Knight
Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory
- Ann , General Manager, KOBA-TV, New Pacifica, G889
"Must-see TV"

Grendler Bar & Grille:
Proprieter: Shoshona (Who now offers little souvenir boxes made by The Moon Cross Bakery with baked goodies to sell/trade to tourists who visit)

Seems Vicky's upset the Hoard was served (and served and served) on their recent birthday. Better keep the Hoard away on Shoshona's G889 Valkyrie Night at the GB&G especially since they even need guards posted by the stage to prevent the Grendlers from chasing the women .

Dawn gives her review on some new GB&G dishes: Terrian Marinate: A generous portion of roasted Terrian marinated for 300,000 years in a tangy snow sauce. Topped with shredded spirolina and garnished with a peacock feather (peebee'd better watch out, the cook is in short supply of peacock feathers)

Also, there was a new drink found at the TGB&G. Snow Sizzle-- Recently discovered power charged sparkling snow water. This is believed to *be* the original G889 vintage, rumored to be over 300,000 years old and guaranteed to put a bit of fire in your eyes (literally) and a demon in your soul.

We now cut to a comercial on KOBA-TV:

K O B A - K O L A K L A S S I C

Clay singing to the "Coca-Cola" jingle:

The moons will always shine,
Terrians will always sing,
Where ever there's a thirst
there's always Koba-Kola . . .

di di di di diii di di di di di di [Guess who sings this part!? ]
di di di di diii di di di di di di

Always Koba-Kola!


Mike Earth 2: Eden Advance

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