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Hello Friends!Hello Friends! Hi! Members can create an account and then email me to post news, or anything you want to share with other PPSA members. I'm just creating this site, so it will take some time to put the links up...

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Some Old MTU PhotosSome Old MTU Photos I put up some MTU pictures on my Flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/nullsession. Take a look, and make sure I add you as a friend (register for a free account if you don't already have one).

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A Winter's Night in HoughtonA Winter's Night in Houghton A cold winter's night, with a view of the Portage Canal in Houghton. [Keewenaw Webcams]

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About PPSA

What is PPSA?

PPSA was formed as a college club at Michigan Technological University in 1983. We’re a bunch of people from all walks of life. We mostly come from the Midwest and we mostly have degrees in Physics. But not all of us. Our membership includes rocket scientists, lawyers, computer experts, teachers and politicians. We feel we have an honest, yet irreverent way of looking at the world. We love to take road trips too.

So, now that you know what PPSA stands for… read the illustrious history of PPSA from the days back when we all lived in the Polkinghorne Palace! And check out the PPSA Constitution.

OK. We came from humble beginnings… Read about the road-trips we took along the way in the PPSA Online Magazine. Steve Langer also publishes his online ‘zine here, Sea Views.

Check out the Cyber Maze Photo Gallery which features cool road-trip photography and travelogues. If you get lost, go up to the top page of The Cyber Maze.