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-- C.A. Beard

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On my absence;
I, Serge Pretentiatti, must apologise to you gentle readers, for the no show status of this rag so far this year. The reasons do not matter. All that does is that I have been increasingly alarmed and disappointed in the policies of this govt. across all parties and all branches. In the ensuing articles, we will see that the rot is widespread, enduring and likely irreversible at this point.

On last month's Fix;

the answer to last  month's  Fix,
"Is America still worth dying for?"

  No, frankly. The US has evolved so far from its original promise, even those evil Federalists,  Washington and Hamilton, would say it has gone too far. The most recent revelations demonstrate how truly ineffective airport screening to date has been. Consider, if we can no longer carry liquids on board planes, if the TSA cannot tell the difference between TNT and toothpaste, what does that say about the screening done to date? Care to guess? I'll tell you. It demonstrates that screening has always been an exercise in probability. When the TSA actually sniffs your luggage with a gas chromatograph, they have an excellent chance of detecting an explosive. But the fact is the TSA does that to less then 5% of luggage. When faced with the certainty that explosives will be on board, reality compelled a ban on all liquids since the system in place could not possibly screen it all. This is analogous to projects  Carnivore and Echelon  (from the FBI and NSA respectively) that are responsible for logging all voice and data transmissions, domestic and foreign. The FBI has admitted they have over 150,000 hours of Arabic language backlogs because they have insufficient Arabic speaking analysts.  

So, you ask, "But Serge if the screening is totally bogus, why do it?" Good question. I think the answer is that it forms a cover for a greater purpose, which is illegal, and that is tracking movements of citizens. All citizens. A question you should really ask is, how is security enhanced by asking all passengers to prove their identity? All that matters is whether a person has the motivation and tools to commit harm. Several members of the ACLU have challenged the TSA's right to ask for ID. The TSA refers to a legal authority  in " a secret law"! The same secret law is what gives FBI authority to audit the library habits of patrons, and slap a gag order on the librarian if they try to warn the patron. We are about to go one step further. Today's (Aug. 14) Wall Street Journal reports that in the Knoxville airport , passengers are being randomly hooked up to  POlygraph machines made by  Suspect Detection Systems Ltd of Israel to determine if they have evil intent - and they are forbidden from telling anyone what questions are asked. If you think this violates the 4'th and 5'th Amendments protections against unreasonable search and seizure and self-incrimination, you should be aware that the Supreme Court has already said 2 weeks ago that constitutional protections do not apply to Customs areas in international airports.

Soon, it will not matter whether it is a regional or international airport, because frankly, the Constitution has ceased to matter. A search on the words "capitated tax" will show that the constitution bans the concept of the income tax, and the 14'th Amendment did not in fact overturn that ban. In fact the violation of this goes back much further, when none other then king George Washington, only 10 years or so after repulsing the British, applied the illegal whisky tax on  Pennsylvania farmers to raise money. When the farmers refused to pay, King George brought in a few thousand troops to quell the "tax cheats" in what should be considered the first civil war, but instead was called the Whiskey Rebellion. Lincoln further sullied the new continent's promise. Where the 9'th and 10'th Amendments clearly imply that states have the right to secede, Lincoln suppressed those rights under an illegal second civil war. FDR made it a crime for individuals to own large amounts of precious medals.

Today we are faced with gun controls (violating the second ammendment) and owning the means to powerfully encrypt messages (4'th  and 5'th) is now bordering on a felony owing to the "war on terror". Further, eminent domain seizures are now expanded to take land from one private individual to give to another, if the receiver will pay more in taxes.

I have chronicled the operational deaths of the 2'nd, 4'th, 5'th, 9'th and 10'th amendments, and the lost freedom from illegal taxes. I put it to you, gentle readers, how can we say our soldiers are fighting to protect the "land of the free" when we no longer own the fruit of our labors, when owning hard currency is a felony, when owning the means to protect personal secrets is a crime, and everything that the govt. desires to hide is anointed with the unapproachable moniker of national security?

On Freedom and Environmentalism;
As you read through this month's issue, you will see two common threads. Loss of liberty, and the discredited nature of the environmentalist movement. What should become clear to you is that these two topics are not unrelated; in fact, it is probably not overstating the case to say environmentalism is one of the last surviving vehicles to advance worldwide socialism. At first, socialism was seen by Karl Marx and others as the vehicle for supporting enhanced quality of life versus evil capitalist regimes. But even a casual glance at the world today reveals that the areas with the least starvation and highest standards of living correlate to the areas of greatest liberty and open markets.  So, what is a budding socialist to do?  Convince those that have that they are poisoning the world for the have-nots. Make regression stylish.  Make it seem noble to live a life of denial and sacrifice.

in fact, as you read the Guest Editorial below you might even notice a certain sense of regret that the author has to let mankind somewhat off the hook for causing global disaster.

"The IPCC has been forced to halve its predictions for sea-level rise by 2100"

As we shall see throughout the rest of this issue, the data is starting to pile up that humans are not in fact the evil primal cause of global warming.  And yet another reason for being socialist dries up. And long time readers of this tome will know, "See, we told you so"

On testing your environmental IQ;

So, you've read Al Gore and are now an environmental expert right? Take the following quiz and be sure to read the associated -facts- that accompany the answers.

You may also find it interesting to read the following links. It seems the polar caps of -Mars- are melting, no doubt from the heavy SUV traffic sponsored by GW Bush and evil conservatives. Now what could possibly be the common thread between Mars and Earth global warming, hmmmm?

Guest Editorial:

UN downgrades man's impact on the climate

Richard Gray, Science Correspondent, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 1:37am GMT 11/12/2006

Mankind has had less effect on global warming than previously supposed, a United Nations report on climate change will claim next year.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says there can be little doubt that humans are responsible for warming the planet, but the organisation has reduced its overall estimate of this effect by 25 per cent.

In a final draft of its fourth assessment report, to be published in February, the panel reports that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has accelerated in the past five years. It also predicts that temperatures will rise by up to 4.5 C during the next 100 years, bringing more frequent heat waves and storms.

The panel, however, has lowered predictions of how much sea levels will rise in comparison with its last report in 2001.

Climate change sceptics are expected to seize on the revised figures as evidence that action to combat global warming is less urgent.

Scientists insist that the lower estimates for sea levels and the human impact on global warming are simply a refinement due to better data on how climate works rather than a reduction in the risk posed by global warming.

One leading UK climate scientist, who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity surrounding the report before it is published, said: "The bottom line is that the climate is still warming while our greenhouse gas emissions have accelerated, so we are storing up problems for ourselves in the future."

The IPCC report, seen by The Sunday Telegraph, has been handed to the Government for review before publication.

It warns that carbon dioxide emissions have risen during the past five years by three per cent, well above the 0.4 per cent a year average of the previous two decades. The authors also state that the climate is almost certain to warm by at least 1.5 C during the next 100 years.

Such a rise would be enough to take average summer temperatures in Britain to those seen during the 2003 heatwave, when August temperatures reached a record-breaking 38 C. Unseasonable warmth this year has left many Alpine resorts without snow by the time the ski season started.

Britain can expect more storms of similar ferocity to those that wreaked havoc across the country last week, even bringing a tornado to north-west London.

The IPCC has been forced to halve its predictions for sea-level rise by 2100, one of the key threats from climate change. It says improved data have reduced the upper estimate from 34 in to 17 in.

It also says that the overall human effect on global warming since the industrial revolution is less than had been thought, due to the unexpected levels of cooling caused by aerosol sprays, which reflect heat from the sun.

Large amounts of heat have been absorbed by the oceans, masking the warming effect.

Prof Rick Battarbee, the director of the Environmental Change Research Centre at University College London, warned these masking effects had helped to delay global warming but would lead to larger changes in the future.

He said: "The oceans have been acting like giant storage heaters by trapping heat and carbon dioxide. They might be bit of a time-bomb as they have been masking the real effects of the carbon dioxide we have been releasing into the atmosphere.

"People are very worried about what will happen in 2030 to 2050, as we think that at that point the oceans will no longer be able to absorb the carbon dioxide being emitted. It will be a tipping point and that is why it is now critical to act to counter any acceleration that will occur when this happens."

The report paints a bleak picture for future generations unless greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. It predicts that the climate will warm by 0.2 C a decade for the next two decades if emissions continue at current levels.

The report states that snow cover in mountainous regions will contract and permafrost in polar regions will decline.

However, Julian Morris, executive director of the International Policy Network, urged governments to be cautious. "There needs to be better data before billions of pounds are spent on policy measures that may have little impact," he said.


none this month

Quote(s) of the month:

"We have 28,000 nukes. Why can't they have 10?"

-- Ted Turner, speaking on the intent of the Iranian govt to obtain nuclear weapons

Fix of the month:

"What role does humanity have in global warming?"



1. Seatac Airport, Dec 14: Call it the "Rabbi who stole X-MAs". While traveling through Seatac aiport, a Rabbi was incensed that there were 9 X-Mas trees in display, but no Minoras. Of course, he called his attorney and they threatened a lawsuit if Minoras were not included. Seatac administration responded by pulling out all holiday decorations to avoid offending other religions. The plaintiffs have gone on local radio shows bemoaning that they did not intend to kill X-Mas, they just wanted equal time. Airport administration may come back and allow both trees and lamps, but may pull back at the first sign of another lawsuit.
[Ed: the ACLU must be proud of their work on behalf of the first ammendment.

2. Dec. 18: Unseasonable repeated blizzards and high winds in the Pacific NW has resulted in the floating bridges over Lake Washington and Hood Canal being closed, over 600K homes out of power, and people unable to drive on streets clogged with downed trees. Several climbers on the Cascades have gone missing and are unable to be rescued due to the high winds and poor visibility.

3. Nov. Seattle: Area high school English teachers have outsourced grading of papers. According to the Seattle Times, the King County school system will now pay up to $20/hour for "readers" (ranging from professional writers to college English majors) to grade student papers for the overworked teachers. Teachers like the plan becuase they can now assign more writing homework then they could before.

New York

1. NY City, Oct: Years ago the editor of this rag predicted that if Americans would standby by for gun controls, if they would remain silent during the tobacco crusades, then soon no one would be left to stand up for any rights. Well, now the city that never sleeps has banned trans-fatty acids. That's right - the food choices you make are no longer your's to make. Several -states- are now looking to follow NY Citie's example.


1. Oct, Dublin: Second hand smoke has now been banned on private property in CA. Councilperson Katie Hildebrand sponsored a law that allows citizens to call the cops on their neighbors if their smoke comes out of the house,  across the yard, and annoys the nostrils of the plaintiff in their "airspace". Land of the free indeed.

Washington D.C.

1. Dec 2, Wall Street J: Recall the days when the largest threat to the third world and Africa in particular was starvation? A recent ordered list of the greatest threats facing Africa is violence, AIDS, and obesity caused diabetes.

2. Dec 4, Wall Street Journal: Senators are now threatening law suits for the excercise of Free Speech. On Oct 27 Dem Senators Jay Rockefeller (WV) and Olympia Snow (Maine) sent the following letter to Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson. Go ahead and read it now.

edited for length
We are convinced that Exxon's long-standing support of a small group of global climate change skeptics, and those skeptics access to and influence on government policymakers, have made it increasingly difficult for United States to demonstrate the moral clarity it needs across all facets of its diplomacy. obviously, other factors complicate our foreign policy.  However, we are persuaded that the climate change denial strategy carried out by and for Exxon has helped foster the perception that the United States is insensitive to a matter of great urgency for all mankind, and has thus damaged the statue of our nation internationally.

We fervently hope that reports that Exxon intends to end its funding of the climate change denial campaign of the Competitive Enterprise Institute are true. ... however, in casual review of available literature, as performed by personal for the royal society reveals that Exxon is or has been the primary funding source for the skepticism of not only CEI, but for dozens of other overlapping and interlocking front groups sharing the same obfuscation agenda. Exxon and its partners in denial have manufactured controversy, sown doubt, and impeded progress with strategies all too reminiscent of those used by the tobacco industry for so many years.

Large corporations and related industries have joined Exxon to provide significant and consistent financial support of this pseudoscientific, nine peer-reviewed echo chamber.  The goal has not been to prevail in the scientific debate, but to obscure it.  This climate change denial confederacy has exerted an influence out of all proportion to its size or relative scientific credibility.  Through relentless pressure on the media to present the issue objectively, and by challenging the consensus on climate change science by miss dating both the nature of what consensus means and what this particular consensus is, Exxon and its allies have confused the public and given cover to infuse senior elected and appointed government officials whose positions and opinions enable them to damage US and ability abroad.

A study to be released in November by an American scientific group will release that Exxon has spent more than $19 million since the late 1990s on a strategy of information laundering, or enabling a small number of professional skeptics working through scientific sounding organizations to follow their viewpoints through nine peer-reviewed web sites such as the Tech Central Station.  The Internet has provided Exxon the means to wreak its havoc on US credibility, while avoiding the rigors of refereed journals.

We would recommend that Exxon publicly ackknowledge both the reality of climate change and the role of humans in causing or exacerbating it.  Second, Exxon should repudiate its climate change denial campaign and make public its funding history.  Finally, we believe that there would be a benefit to the United States's if one of the world's largest carbon emitters headquartered here devoted at least some of the money that's invested to climate change denial pseudoscience to global remediation efforts.

Now that you have read it, consider what it says. The authors claim that "everyone agrees on the facts and consequences of climate change." But they are so afraid of debate they are ordering Exxon to stop funding dissenting researchers. The head spins. On the side of Exxon there is the Competitive Enterprise Institute, on the "consensus" side are Pew Charitible Trusts, the UN, EU, Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, Hollywood and Al Gore.

Oddly, Rockefellar's personal wealth comes from the founder of the very corporation he is now threatening, great grandpa John D Rockefeller.   The Senators are not so stupid as to put in writing the exact threat, but a windfall profits tax is now in the works, and the recent example of the tobacco companies is alluded to in the letter.