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-- C.A. Beard

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On the Death of Freedom July 2, 2015 ;
If you haven’t, I invite you to read the issue from 2006. Frankly, it was prophetic, and the revelations by Ed Snowden in 2012 have only solidified what many of us knew 7-8 years ago. The activation of Obamacare is even getting onerous enough for low information voters to notice their govt. has lied to them. And the stubborn refusal of the earth to warm has resulted in Al Gore even changing his language from “Global Warming” to “Global Climate Change” so frankly, no matter what happens, he can claim man is the cause.

In the past week, the Supreme Court has laid 2 decisions that demonstrate conclusively that the 9 Robed justices have ceased utterly to be jurists, and are purely political beasts - who should be impeached. But a cowed GOP will not even try despite controlling both houses of Congress.
Obamacare should be called SCOTUScare    Supreme Court makes Gay Marriage a Federal right

In the case of Obamacare, the issue is that about 15 states refused to setup state Heath Exchanges. The law only allowed subsidizing patients on those state plans. Thus, many patients turned to, including Federal employees, and though the law forbade it, they enjoyed subsidies (in the case of Congressional aids as high as 70%). However, writing for the majority Justice Roberts said, "Clearly Congress did not mean this, so we will just assume they meant to do the right thing." But, Congress did. It was a key point in getting passed in Congress, according to the architecht of Obamacare MIT economist Jonathon Gruber who admitted that if the public knew what was really going to happen, they would not support Obamacare. Gruber talks

In the case of making Gay Marriage a National right, the argument of the majority boiled down to the equal protection clause of the Constutition, and that a license (in this case marriage) issued by one state shuold be honored by other states. I fully realize that liberal and GLBT activists think that this is a great day. But, this decision has opened a gate to an America that has more in common with the USSR then the USA (what it used to be). You libs, if you think this is a great day, how will you feel when the NRA demands that a Right to Carry permit issued by state X be honored by every other state in the US? And don't be surprised when lawyers and doctors demand their license be recognized everywhere.

Consider this, to get married, you go to a state office to apply for a marriage license. The state sets the rules for what constitutes the requrements for a couple to get married (minimum age, get a blood test, etc). But no more. If I were a governor, I would reason that if my state is no longer allowed to define what marriage -is-, we are no longer competant to issue the license -for- marriage. And I would cease to issue marriage licenses and direct the happy couple (or more since polygamy will now flourish) to Wash. D.C. for their license. Polygamy is the next Gay marriage

Guest Editorial:

On preservation of life;

My old PhD advisor contacted me the other day with this statistic and question, "In America there are 12,200 gun deaths per yer. Serge, if you valued life you should call on Trump to do something about guns in America"

So I asked him, "Aaron is it your position that a good president should save American lives?"  "Of course" he said. "I'm glad you think so" and then I went off for a few minutes to consider the point. The above link claims to be based on CDC figures, so I went there for my counter arguments.

According to the above, in 2013 664,000 abortions took place in America. Assuming abortion docs take weekends off, that equates to about 2500 abortions per business day. This may under count since it mainly is a survey of Planned Parenthood facilities.  Another count is here

But let's use the CDC figure. In about 6 days, legal US abortion kills as many people as gun homicides in a year. So I countered to Aaron, "Sir I'll  give you an option:
a) give up on abortion and I will consider giving up guns or
b) I'll agree to a tax hike on ammo if you'll support halting Planned Parenthood for one week each year, call it Gun violence re-stocking week"

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