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-- C.A. Beard

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On my absence, again;
I, Serge Pretentiatti, have come out of seclusion to complete a couple of tasks. Task 1 is to address the “Fix of the Month” posed in 2006.  Task 2 is to share a lesson I have only recently learned about idealists, and what happens to them as they age.

It is also  abundantly clear that the writing frequency has dropped to the point where the best I can hope for is to, like Santa Clause (who Americans recently reelected), come out from my lair but once a year.  Henceforth, the blogs will be an annual event - with a theme. The theme for 2013, Great Liberal Myths.

On Freedom and Environmentalism;
If you haven’t, I invite you to read the issue from 2006. Frankly, it was prophetic, and the revelations by Ed Snowden in 2012 have only solidified what many of us knew 7-8 years ago. The activation of Obamacare is even getting onerous enough for low information voters to notice their govt. has lied to them. And the stubborn refusal of the earth to warm has resulted in Al Gore even changing his language from “Global Warming” to “Global Climate Change” so frankly, no matter what happens, he can claim man is the cause.

On More Guns ='s More Violence;

Another liberal whopper, recited by every "journalist" without ever examining the premise. The tragedies at Sandy Hook, Aurora and other places anger all of us, but let us look at the data -first- and then form an opinion -later-. This site shows that the United States has by far the most armed populace on Earth.

Gun Ownership by Country

By the premise, there should be no question that homicide rates should be also the highest in the USA - right? And if you listen to the nightly news, that is what you would believe. But you don't have to be a ignorant lump and accept the "unbiased" media reporting. You can look it up yourself, and you would find

 Homocide rates by Country

And if you look you will see that the USA is in the bottom half (at 4.7 deaths/100,000) as opposed to the unarmed paradises like Jamaica (>40) and Brazil (>20). The women and kids in these countries know only too well that when the weak cannot defend themselves from the strong, jungle law is the rule.

On last month's Fix;

answer to last  month's  Fix, "What role does humanity have in global warming?" is

Global warming may (or may not be) an observational fact, but linking it to CO2 is an extrapolated hypothesis. Linking that to human generated CO2 is an extrapolation on an extrapolation. It is interesting to note that 450 Million years ago, atmospheric CO2 concentration was 10 times its current value and the earth was in an Ice Age (see Reference 1).

The contribution of human made CO2 on GW can be calculated.  CO2 accounts for about 15% of greenhouse gas heating (Ref. 2). Humans may account for about 33% of that CO2 (Ref 3-4, using 1880 as a baseline). So the fraction of GW that can be blamed on humans is 5% - about .07 degrees Fahrenheit of the 1.5 degree increase that the IPCC says has occurred in the last 50 years. In other words, if humanity had been wiped out 50 years ago, the temperature would still be within 0.07 degrees of where we are.

Still not convinced? Consider this following quote. 

High-resolution images of the south polar residual cap of XXX acquired in 1999 and 2001 show changes in the configuration of pits, intervening ridges, and isolated mounds. Escarpments have retreated 1 to 3 meters in 1 XXX year, … The erosion implies that this reservoir is not in equilibrium with the present environment and that global climate change is occurring on XXX.


Pretty damning indicment right? Only one problem, XXX is Mars. I breathlessly await someone explaining how Mars is suffering from Mankind's addiction to fossil fuels [5].

5) Evidence for Solid carbon dioxide on Mars

Guest Editorial:

The evolution of a Liberal

I work in a very large (>30,000 employers) company and this last week I was in a meeting with some of my colleagues and witnessed the following teachable moment.


One is a young, bright, physicist. She also happens to be a single mom, and gay. The other is a late 50’ish IT professional, married with college educated kids. They are both stout liberals and bleed BHO. This is important to understand because the way they bickered one would have thought they were political rivals.


We happened to be talking about computer security and the elder said to the younger, “Well, in an institution this big you have to assume that not everyone inside the firewall is who they claim to be. You have to assume some are working for foreign governments, and we have to have surveillance on the employee computers”


Coming from him, I though that was a candid and thoughtful observation. But then she said, “I don’t have to assume that. I think it’s rather cynical and controlling to assume that of our colleagues just because they may not have all been born here.”


And the argument went on from there. What I was having trouble grasping is why these two were on opposite sides of the fence. Then I realized it. When liberals are young, they are bright, optimistic and happy. As they age, they turn bitter and cynical.


I struggled for a few days with this, and then the reason hit me. To be a liberal you have to believe that people are angels. That’s the only way socialism works. Take Obamacare; to stay financially sound young healthy people have to cheerfully pay more then they should for healthcare insurance to make it affordable for the old sick people who load the system. If youth don’t happily comply, the system falls apart.


Youth can still hold onto the illusion that people are kind and altruistic. The world is their happy oyster. But then age brings experience, and the aging liberal finds that their ideals don’t hold up, and socialist paradises fail. Some liberals, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, discover their brains at this point and become conservatives (i.e. realists). But for those that stubbornly hold onto their youthful ideals, they become pulled in two directions: they are either wrong in their beliefs, or the rest of humanity is wrong. And so, the aging, arrogant liberal becomes bitter and cynical because it is society that “got it wrong”, not they. And in turn they come to hate the very society that they had thought to help.


none this month

Quote(s) of the month:

" may not be fixed by the end of Nov?"

-- BHO, Nov 20 Press Converence

Fix of the month:

"More Money Will Fix Education's Woes"

This whopper is trotted out every election cycle when funding refereumdems come up. There seems to be, as is often the case with liberal arguments, an unproven assertion that more pay = better teachers, and thus smarter kids. But education is only partly a teacher problem, it is to a much greater extent a -community values problem-. Where kids see prestige and value in being educated, they will become so. When they don't, they won't. I have 3 nieces now that teach in K-8 or High School, so I have had this chat with them several times. They really hate when I point to these sites

: ACT Scores By State
: Education Spending by State

If you look at these links you will see that the 5 highest Spending States are: New York (6), DC (49), Alaska (31), New Jersey (6) and Vermont (7)

The 5 lowest spending states are: Mississippi (51), AZ (47), Utah (36), Oklahoma (35), Idaho (25).

The numbers in () are where they rank in ACT scores. Now, you may be tempted to say, "Aha, except for DC and Alaska, the spendy states win, and only one cheap state does fair" Ah, but now let's look at the percentage of students -tested-.

The states testing less then 30% of kids include: NY, Vermont, NJ. DC tests only 32%. In contrast the states that test >80% of kids include: Mississippi, Oklahoma, Utah.

So, if you control for the % of kids tested, let's say 20-30%,  the 5 highest ACT states are in order:  Mass, CT, NH, NJ, NY.
And the order of their spending/kid is: NY ($19,100), NJ ($16,000), CT ($15,600), Mass ($13,900), NH ($13,200)

Which, if we were to compute the correlation coefficient, looks pretty much uncorrelated. A better predictor of student performance is how close they live to Canada.



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