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November 2000

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Motto: The surest way to get a reputation for being a trouble maker these days is to go about repeating the very phrases that the Founders used in the struggle for independence.

-- C.A. Beard


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On last month's Fix;

the answer to last month's Fix,
"IS the US energy policy sufficient?
Is the presidential election process sufficient?"


For the 1'st question, what has been the energy policy of this administration? Basically, that energy production and discovery are bad, and conservation and elimination of fossil fuels are good - in other words, its been a policy of environmentalism.
Now, there is nothing wrong with conservation - better insulated homes,high efficiency cas and appliances, etc are all laudable goals. However, conservation obviously can only forestall the day when we run out of gas, so naturally the Clinton Admin must be fostering research to replace these dirty supplies right? Well, not quite. The DOE and NSF programs in Solar, fusion, fission, and synthetic fuels have all been slashed.And its important to remember this when Al Gore said in the debates that his reinventing govt. reduced the govt payroll by 300,000. In fact, lets look at that for a moment. 

Of that 300,000 manpower reduction, over 250,000 have come from the armed forces. An interview with Dick Cheney points out that in the 80's 6% of GNP went to the DOD, now that is 3%. We used to have a near 600 ship navy, now less than 400. Had 18 army divisions, now 10. Had 24 wings in the Air Force, now 13. And people I have met that were in the Armed Forces in the early 90's and had a managerial position, quit when they were ordered to falsify annual reviews of their people so they could be discharged for incompetence. Now, maybe a shrunk military is a bad thing, maybe not. But how can you believe Clinton/Gore when they say that morale has never been higher - or when Gore looks for an excuse to disqualify military votes in Florida? Where did the other 50,000 person reduction come from? Take a look at the national physics labs, and note the empty seats in them. But not to worry, the DEA, FBI, IRS and Soc Sec departments are as big as they have ever been.

So what is our nation's energy policy? Buy 66% of our oil abroad, hope for warm winters, and drive Honda Civics.

As for the second question, "Is our presidential election process sufficient?", I direct you to the guest editorials. However, there is one thing I would like to add to the otherwise very complete timeline offered by Peggy Noonan. Gore  attorney David Boise, who you recall led Microsoft anti-trust investigation for the govt, convinced Florida courts that there was a precedent for counting dimpled chads (parts of the punch ballot that looked dented but were not cut out). Boise claimed this precedent was set by a 1988 congressional election in Illinois. Boise even produced a signed affidavit from the state attorney in the case that the ruling permitted counting dimpled chads. This worked for Gore until the presiding judge in the IL case heard his ruling on CNN being misrepresented. He wrote the Wash. Post and NY Times that in his case the dimples were not counted, and he is now seeking the license suspension of the state attorney that signed the affidavit. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering, those "votes" have yet to be subtracted from Gores total.

Guest Editorial:

The Greenwood Position:   Now we must fight for our country. 

                     BY PEGGY NOONAN 
                     Friday, November 24, 2000 12:01 a.m. EST 

                          There was a national election on Tuesday, Nov. 7. The presidential
                     race was close, and would be decided by the state of Florida. The
                     state's votes were counted. At the end it was close, but George W.
                     Bush won.

                     A statewide recount was immediately and appropriately called. At the
                     end it was close, but Mr. Bush won.

                     But the higher reaches of the Democratic Party had a game plan for
                     what to do in case of a close vote in a key state, and their machine
                     went into motion while Republicans slept. Even before the recount was
                     over the outcome was contested.

                     On the afternoon of Election Day a Texas telemarketing firm is hired to
                     call Democratic voters in Palm Beach County and gin up a protest.
                     They had been disenfranchised. By Wednesday there are charges that
                     a "butterfly" ballot, designed and approved by Democrats and published
                     to no protest in the press, was confusing and thus unfair. 

                     Jesse Jackson is dispatched to Florida, where he charges that
                     Holocaust survivors have been denied a voice. Elderly widows
                     announce they never meant to vote for anyone but Al Gore. An army
                     of Democratic lawyers, political operatives and union members is
                     dispatched; they land in Florida and fan out, immediately assisting in
                     demands for a hand count. Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile
                     announces blacks were kept from the polls with racial harassment and,
                     when that wasn't enough, dogs. 

                     Three Democratic counties in Florida announce they will hand-count.
                     But the rules of the hand count change and change again. 

                     The Florida secretary of state, a Republican elected official, calls a
                     halt. She notes that hand counts are called only when there have
                     been charges of broken machines or vote fraud. Fraud and breakdown
                     were not charged, and did not in fact occur. She says she will certify
                     the election's outcome based on the original vote count and the
                     recount that followed, plus overseas absentee ballots. Mr. Bush will be
                     the victor.

                     She is immediately smeared by Democratic operatives and in the press.
                     She is a political "hack," a "Stalinist," a "commissar"; she is a vamp, a
                     lackey. The Washington Post, a great newspaper, publishes this
                     description of Mrs. Harris: "Her lips were overdrawn with berry-red
                     lipstick--the creamy sort that smears all over a coffee cup and leaves
                     smudges on a shirt collar. Her skin had been plastered and powdered to
                     the texture of pre-war walls in need of a skim coat. And her eyes,
                     rimmed in liner and frosted with blue shadow, bore the telltale
                     homogeneous spikes of false eyelashes. Caterpillars seemed to rise and
                     fall with every bat of her eyelid, with every downward glance to double
                     check--before reading--her latest 'determination.' " Her mouth is "set
                     in a jagged line." She has "applied her makeup with a trowel." "One
                     wonders how this Republican woman, who can't even use restraint
                     when she's wielding a mascara wand, will manage to . . . make sound

                     At the same time the Democratic operative Paul Begala writes his
                     now-famous essay suggesting Republican candidates draw their
                     political strength from murderers, sadists, racists and the killers of
                     innocent children.

                     Soon a Democratic operative in Washington is revealed to be gathering
                     information on electors who will vote for Mr. Bush in the Electoral
                     College. Why? To use the information to pressure them to vote Mr.
                     Gore's way. It would be surprising to hear that the famous Democratic
                     Party private eyes are not on the electors' trail.

                     The mainstream press, watching, thinking and facing deadlines, issues
                     its conclusion: Conservatives are guilty of inflammatory rhetoric. Those
                     columnists, writers and public figures who have come forward to
                     oppose what they see as an attempt by Clinton-Gore operatives to
                     steal the 2000 presidential election are denounced as hotheaded and
                     extreme, dismissed as partisan.

                     The hand counting continues. From the first it is completely open to
                     mischief. In walks mischief. 

                     Ballots for Mr. Bush are put in Gore piles. Scads of chads on the floor.
                     Vote counters can count a partly removed chad, and then an
                     almost-removed chad, and then a mark, a dimple, an indentation, a
                     "pregnancy." Standards are announced, altered, announced and
                     altered again. Questionable ballots are decided by
                     Democratic-dominated canvassing boards. 

                     Sworn statements under oath begin to emerge: Ballots are found with
                     taped chads; ballots are sabotaged, used as fans, found bearing
                     Post-It Notes, dropped, misplaced. Eyewitnesses say there is clear and
                     compelling evidence of distorting, reinventing, miscounting votes. The
                     vote counters--many exhausted and elderly, some state workers
                     dragged off lawnmowers, work 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. shifts in badly lit
                     rooms. A woman from Broward County whose husband is helping the
                     recount writes, "He said it's also frustrating because what we are
                     seeing on the news is quite a bit different from what is actually going
                     on, little chads everywhere and they have no idea where they are
                     coming from."

                     From the Associated Press, Nov. 18, datelined Palm Beach: "On
                     Saturday [one vote counter] whispered in a pool reporter's ear as she
                     was leaving [the hand-counting room], "I've had it. I'm not coming
                     back. There are some real games going on in here."

                     And not only in there. From the Miami Herald, Nov. 18: "At least 39
                     felons--mostly Democrats--illegally cast absentee ballots in Broward
                     and Miami-Dade counties. . . . Their convictions range from murder and
                     rape to drunk driving. One is in the state's registry of sexual

                     In the first two weeks there is not a single charge of Republican
                     mischief in the counting rooms. Not a single person comes forward to
                     charge that a Republican has done a single thing that is dubious,
                     untoward or wrong.

                     How could this be? With hundreds of people making thousands of
                     decisions, is it possible no Democrat would even make up a charge that
                     some Republican had done something wrong? One can't help but infer
                     that Democratic discipline is, as usual, operative. If they add to the
                     charges of corruption, a fair-minded judge might say: Then we must
                     protect both sides and stop the hand counting. But if they stop the
                     hand counting, Democrats will not be able to find 930 votes for Al
                     Gore. And 930 is what he needs.

                     So no Democratic charges of corruption are leveled or dreamed up. \

                     There is no evidence that the absentee ballots of felons have been

                     But the absentee ballots of members of the military were challenged.
                     Many were thrown out. 

                     In the most shameful and painful act of the hand counts, the
                     Democrats on the ground, and their operators from the Democratic
                     National Committee and the state organization and the Gore campaign,
                     deliberately and systematically scrutinized for challenge every military
                     absentee ballot, and knocked out as many as they could on whatever
                     technicality they could find or even invent. 

                     Reports begin to filter out. The Democratic army of lawyers and
                     operatives marches into the counting room armed with a five-page
                     memo from a Democratic lawyer, instructing them on how to
                     disfranchise military voters. The lawyers and operatives unspool reams
                     of computer printouts bearing the names and party affiliation of military
                     voters. Those who are Republicans are subject to particular and
                     seemingly relentless scrutiny. Right down to signatures on ballots being
                     compared with signatures on registration cards. A ballot bearing a
                     domestic postmark because a soldier had voted, sent his ballot home
                     to his parents and asked them to mail it in on time, is thrown out. A
                     ballot that comes with a note from an officer explaining his ship was
                     not able to postmark his ballot, but that he had voted on time--and
                     indeed it had arrived in time--is thrown out, because it has no

                     The Democratic operatives are ruthless, focused. As one witness says,
                     "They had a clear agenda."

                     Received late Wednesday, an e-mail forwarded from a Republican who
                     witnessed the counting of the Brevard County overseas absentee

                          It is 11:30 PM (Tuesday) and I have just returned from the
                          count of absentee ballots, that started at 4PM. Gore had
                          five attorneys there, the sole objective was to
                          disenfranchise the military absentee voter. . . . They
                          challenged each and every vote. Their sole intent was to
                          disqualify each and every absentee voter. They constantly
                          challenged military votes that were clearly legitimate, but
                          they were able to disqualify them on a technicality. I have
                          never been so frustrated in all my life as I was to see
                          these people fight to prevent our active duty Military from
                          voting. They succeeded in a number of cases denying the
                          vote to these fine Men and Women.

                          This was a deliberate all out assault on the Armed Forces
                          solely to sustain the Draft Dodger and his flunky. These
                          people must have a hard time looking at themselves in a
                          mirror. . . . They denied a number of votes postmarked
                          Queens NY, ballots that were clearly ordered from
                          overseas, clearly returned from overseas, and verified by
                          the Post Office that DOD uses the Queens post office to
                          handle overseas mail, were denied because it didn't say
                          APO, They denied military votes postmarked out of
                          Jacksonville, Knowing full well it came from ships at sea
                          and was flown into Jacksonville . . . .

                          This is what you can expect from a Gore administration a
                          further trampling on the Military and more trampling on your
                          rights. . . .

                          The attorneys there treated it all as a joke, and when my
                          wife protested their actions she was told she didn't

                     Television both reports the story of what is happening in the
                     vote-counting rooms and doesn't report it. There are comic pieces and
                     sidebars: "Amazing as it seems, Bernie, there's actually a charge that
                     one of the Democratic counters has eaten a chad!" 

                     But 16 days into the drama there has not been a single serious,
                     extended and deeply reported piece on network television investigating
                     the charges comprehensively. No "60 Minutes," no "Dateline," no
                     "20/20." No extended look at charges of vote tampering, no
                     first-person interviews with eyewitnesses who saw the Democratic
                     operatives go after and throw out the military ballots.

                     Television does, however, report "extraordinary anger among
                     Republicans." Ed Rollins says "partisan Republicans" are very angry
                     about this. Bill Schneider on CNN says he's never seen Republicans in
                     Washington "so angry." They muse about "the big question": Will these
                     Republicans ever accept the legitimacy of a Mr. Gore if he becomes

                     Oddly enough Republicans do not think that's the big question.

                     Can the Democrats steal this election is the question.

                     Why is mainstream television (not the talk shows, not Sean and Alan,
                     not "Crossfire," but the mainstream news shows) missing this story,
                     underreporting it? 

                     It would be taking sides.

                     It would be partisan.

                     It would be extreme.

                     But there is more. We have all noticed the ideological evolution of
                     media in our time. Television is liberal, establishment-oriented, and
                     does what it does: It entertains. Shut out of television and eager for
                     news, conservatives have turned in the past 20 years to radio. And so
                     now radio is conservative, and full of uproar. The Internet too is
                     conservative, and full of information, of samizdat.

                     But television, the elite media, the great broadsheet newspapers, and
                     the clever people who talk loudly on television--that is, the powers
                     that be, the forces that are--day by day appear through action and
                     inaction, through an inability to see and a refusal to see, to be (a)
                     allowing the stealing of an election in Florida, and (b) subtly taking out
                     the critics of this hijacking.

                     What are we to do?

                     In 1939, during parliamentary debate on the coming war in Europe,
                     Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain finished another of his hopeful,
                     frightened speeches about making peace with Hitler. The Labour
                     member of Parliament Arthur Greenwood rose to speak in opposition. As
                     he did, the voice of a Tory parliamentarian pierced the chamber.
                     "Speak for England, Arthur!" he called. At that the chamber exploded,
                     and Chamberlain realized that further appeasement was intolerable.

                     We are all of us, one way or another, in the Greenwood position. And
                     we must speak not as members of a party but as members of a
                     nation--the great and fabled one that has been, through our lives, the
                     hope of the world.

                     The Florida Supreme Court, known for its liberal activism, consisting of
                     six Democrats, one independent and no Republicans, ruled that Mrs.
                    Harris must include in the certified Florida results the final tallies from
                     the corrupted hand counts.

                     Gov. Bush will fight in the courts and perhaps in the state Legislature.
                     "Make no mistake," he said Wednesday in responding to the justices in
                     Tallahassee, "the court rewrote the law. It changed the rules, and it
                     did so after the election was over."

                     And we must fight, too. 

                     We must first of all know this will not be over soon. We must be in it
                     for the long haul and must fight in any peaceful and legal way open to

                     Yesterday we rested and thought and spent time with our families and
                     thanked God for all he has given us. Today we must return to the
                     trenches, refreshed and ready.

                     Ideas, all modest and obvious, and yours will be better:

                     Every Republican senator and congressman, every governor and state
                     legislator should starting now come forward and pledge his opposition
                     to the Gore attempt to steal the election. They should be all over the
                     local airwaves back home, making the case against the dishonesty that
                     is occurring. They might point out that most thieves have enough
                     respect to rob a house when it is empty, but in this case the thieves
                     are stealing while the country is home, and watching.

                     Every writer, scribbler, Internet Paul Revere, talker, pundit, thinker,
                     essayist, voice: Come forward and speak the truth. Howl it.

                     We must point out what needs be pointed out again and again and not
                     ducked or hidden: The Clinton-Gore operatives are trying to steal the
                     election--and it is wrong. The Democrats in their hunger for power will
                     throw the men and women who protect us with their lives over the
                     side--and it is wrong.

                     We must keep our arguments sharp. The other night Alan Colmes
                     challenged Newt Gingrich: Do you really think it fair to charge the
                     Democratic Party with trying to suppress military votes? Mr. Gingrich
                     replied that you can see the Democratic plan in this: They issued a
                     five-page memo on how to knock out military votes, which they
                     assume lean Republican. There was no five-page memo on how to
                     throw out the absentee ballots from Israel, which they assume lean

                     Ever since this exchange I haven't heard anyone ask if the Democrats
                     really mean to be doing what they're doing.

                     We must accept that the venue of the fight will change and change
                     again. This all may be decided by the Florida Legislature. Or the U.S.
                     Supreme Court. Or in Congress. When venues change you must be

                     We must be prepared, and learn all we can, and know all we can, and
                     spread the word. 

                     We must accept too that in spite of being spoofed and put down and
                     accused of being extreme, it is not wrong to fight in this case, it is
                     right. It is not irresponsible--it is the only way of being responsible. 

                     It is wrong to yell "Fire!" for the fun of upsetting your neighbors. It is
                     right to yell "Fire!" when your neighbor's house is in flames.

                     We must through e-mail and telephone calls and call-ins to radio and
                     television report all of the data we are receiving, all of the evidence
                     that the theft of an election is taking place day by day in Florida.
                     Those on the ground in Florida, in the counting rooms, must even more
                     become part of this. The one thing history needs more of--and the
                     courts need, too--is first-person testimony.

                     Some have suggested a march. I don't know if that's a good idea, but
                     it should be discussed, and soon. Perhaps a march on Washington,
                     perhaps millions, perhaps dressed in black--in mourning for an attempt
                     to subvert democracy. I suppose it would look like a huge New York
                     dinner party, but it would also look like a people resisting. Perhaps they
                     should march silently, past symbols of democracy that are more
                     eloquent in their silence than we with our sound. Perhaps there should
                     be placards with the names of men and women from military bases
                     whose attempt to vote for their commander in chief has been denied.

                     In some part of our minds we must look to the future.
                     To legislation that will normalize and regularize our voting procedures,
                     make clear and just its rules and regulations, see to it that a Florida
                     will never happen again.

                     A new modesty seems in order. We Americans like to brag about how
                     this oldest and greatest democracy can always teach the other, little
                     countries how to perform. We've been braying and sending our vote
                     counters to less secure republics for years. The cocktail parties of the
                     world are now having fun at our expense. They should. A modest bow
                     from us seems in order. 

                     And this idea, from a conservative activist. In January President Bush,
                     as his first act in office, should announce that he will give a complete
                     pardon to anyone who goes down to the FBI within 30 days and
                     swears out a confession of his involvement in vote fraud and vote
                     tampering in the 2000 elections. It's harder to spin history when
                     history has the affidavits. 

                     And of course we must all pray. I say this more than I do it, and not
                     many of us have done it enough, which is the reason this happened.
                     And after praying, consider this. There is now all over the Internet a
                    quote attributed to Stalin that for so many sums up the Florida story:
                     "It doesn't matter who votes, it only matters who count the votes."

                     True enough at the moment. But I prefer the last words of a more
                     likable lefty, Joe Hill of the Industrial Workers of the World: "Don't



**World Exclusive**

Date: November 15, 2000
To: FDP Lawyer
From: Mark Herron
Subject: Overseas Absentee Ballot Review and Protest 

State and Federal law provides for the counting of "absentee qualified electors
overseas" ballots for 10 days after the day of the election or until November 17,
2000. Sections 101.62(7)(a), Florida Statutes defines as "absentee qualified
elector overseas" to mean members of the Armed Forces while in the service,
members of the merchant marine of the United States and other citizens of the
United States, who are permanent residents of the states and are temporarily
residing outside of the territories of the United States and the Districts of
Columbia. These "absent qualified electors overseas" must also be qualified and
registered as provided by law. 

You are being asked to review these overseas absentee ballots to make a
determination whether acceptance by the supervisor of elections and/or the county
canvassing board is legal under Florida law. A challenge to these ballots must be
made prior to the time that the ballot is removed from the mailing envelope. The
specific statutory requirement for processing the canvass of an absentee ballot
including of overseas absentee ballot, are set forth in Section 101.62(2) (c)2.
Florida Statutes: 

          If any elector or candidate present believes that an absentee
          ballot is illegal due to a defect apparent on the voter's
          certificate, he or she may at anytime before the ballot is
          removed from the envelope, file with the canvassing board a
          protest against the canvass of the ballot specifying the
          precinct, the ballot, and the reason he or she believes the
          ballot to be illegal. A challenge based upon a defect in the
          voter's certificate may not be accepted after the ballot has
          been removed from the mailing envelope. 

The form of the voter's certificates on the absentee ballot is set forth in
section 101.64(1), Florida Statutes. By statutory provisions, only overseas
absentee ballots mailed with an APO, PPO, or foreign postmark shall be considered
a ballot. See Section 101.62(7)(c). Florida Statutes. 

In reviewing these ballots you should focus on the following: 

          1. Request for overseas ballots: Determine that the voter
          affirmatively requested an overseas ballot, and that the
          signature on the request for an overseas ballot matches the
          signature of the elector on the registration books to
          determine that the elector who requested the overseas ballot
          is the elector registered. See Section 101.62(4)(a), Florida

          2. The voter's signature: The ballot envelope must be signed
          by the voter. The signature of the elector as the voter's
          certificate should be compared with the signature of the
          elector of the signature on the registration books to
          determine that the elector who voted by ballot is the elector
          registered. See Section 101.68(c)x, Florida Statutes. 

          3. The ballot is properly witnessed: The absentee ballot
          envelope must be witnessed by a notary or an attesting
          witness over the age of eighteen years. You may note that
          these requirements vary from the statutory language from the
          Section 101.68(2)(c)1, Florida Statutes. Certain statutory
          requirements in that section were not proclaimed by the
          Justice Department pursuant to Section 5 of the Voting Rights
          Act, Sec. DE 98-13. 

          4. The ballot is postmarked: With respect to absentee ballots
          mailed by absolute qualified electors overseas only those
          ballots mailed with an APO, PPO, or foreign postmark shall be
          considered valid. See Section 101.62(7)(c), Florida Statutes.
          This statutory provision varies from rule 15-2.013(7),
          Florida Administrative Code, which provides overseas absentee
          ballots may be accepted if "postmarked or signed and dated no
          later than the date of the federal election." 

          5. The elector has not already voted (duplicate ballot). In
          some instances, an absent qualified elector overseas may have
          received two absentee ballots and previously submitted
          another ballot. No elector is entitled to vote twice. (Please
          insert appropriate Fl. xxx.)

To assist your review, we have attached the following: 

1. A review Federal Postal regulations relating to FPO's and PPO's. 

2. A protest form to be completed with respect to each absentee ballot

3. Overseas Ballot Summary of Definitions. 

Overseas Ballot Summary of Definitions 

There are 3 different types of overseas ballots that are valid for return at the
counties provided they are postmarked on or before November 7th. 

1. Federal Write-In ballot

          Must be an overseas voter and must be eligible to vote and be
          registered under State law.
          Must have affirmatively requested an absentee ballot in
          writing and completely filled out request (including
          Must comply with State laws applying to regular absentee
          ballots (such as registration requirements, notification
          requirements, etc.)
          Ballot contains only Federal races, and is considered to be a
          "backup" system if the regular state absentee ballot fails to
          The intent of the voter in casting the ballot should govern.
          In other words, minor variations in spelling candidate or
          party names should be disregarded in ballot counting so long
          as the intention of the voter can be ascertained.
          Must be postmarked as an APO, FPO, or MPO in a foreign
          country or at a foreign post office.

2. Florida Advance Ballot

          Sent out in advance of a regular General Election ballot with
          state and Federal candidates listed. 
          Must be an overseas voter and must be eligible to vote and be
          registered under State law.
          Must comply with State laws applying to regular absentee
          ballots (such as registration requirements, notarization
          requirements, etc.)
          Must have affirmatively requested an absentee ballot in
          writing and completely filled out request (including
          Sent prior to the second (or October) primary elections to
          all permanent overseas registered voters.
          Must comply with all State laws regarding signatures, witness
          requirements, etc.
          Must be postmarked at the APO, FPO or MPO in a foreign
          country or at a foreign post office.

3. Regular Overseas Ballot

          Sent after the second (or October) primary elections to all
          permanent overseas registered voters and voters requesting an
          overseas ballot from the county.
          Must be an overseas voter and must be eligible to vote and be
          registered under State law.
          Must comply with State laws applying to regular absentee
          ballots (such as registration requirements, notarization
          requirements, etc.)
          Must have affirmatively requested an absentee ballot in
          writing and completely filled out request (including
          Full ballot with all candidates listed.
          Likely would take precedence over any advance or federal
          ballot also returned.
          Must comply with all State laws regarding signatures, witness
          requirements, etc. 
          Ballot is designed by the county.
          Must be postmarked at an APO, FPO, or MPO in a foreign
          country or at a foreign post office. 

Below are the definitions for points of origin and postmark that are valid for
military overseas ballots: 

1. APO (Army Post Office) -- A branch of the designated USPS civilian post
office, which falls under the jurisdiction of the postmaster of either New York
City or San Francisco, that serves either Army or Airforce personnel. 

2. FPO (Fleet Post Office) -- A branch of the designated USPS civilian post
office, which falls under the jurisdiction of the postmaster of either New York
City or San Francisco, that serves Coast Guard, Navy, or Marine Corps personnel. 

3. MPO (Military Post Office) -- A branch of a U.S. civil post office, operated
by the Army, Navy, Airforce, or Marine Corps to serve military personnel overseas
or aboard ships. 

4. Military Post Office Cancellation -- A postmark that contains the post office
name, state, ZIP Cope, and month, day, and year that the mail xxx was cancelled. 

                        Protest of Overseas Absentee Ballot

As provided in Section 101.68(2)(c)(2), Florida Statutes. I, as an elector in
__________ County, Florida, hereby protest against the canvass of the overseas
absentee ballot described below: 

County: ____________________________________________________

Precinct: __________________________________________________

The Ballot: ________________________________________________

Name of Voter: _____________________________________________

Address of Voter: __________________________________________

Reason for rejection: ______________________________________

          ___ Lack of voter signature

          ___ Lack of affirmative request for absentee ballot

          ___ Request for absentee ballot not fully filled out

          ___ Signature on absentee ballot request does not match
          signature on registration card or on ballot

          ___ Voter signature on envelope does not match signature on
          registration card

          ___ Inadequate witness certification

          ___ Late postmark (indicate date of actual postmark)

          ___ Domestic postmark (including Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.)

          ___ No postmark

          ___ Voter had previously voted in this election

          ___ Other


Signature of Person Filing Protest 


Print Name 



1. Proof that words on the Internet live forever.

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 20:12:41 -0500
Subject: Comment on an old reader's comment

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Dear Mr. Langer,
Lord knows how I came across this, but in your 1995 May issue a reader
writes asking your condemnation or right-wing lunacy, offering the following
as an example (excerpt from text of letter):
I want to get my contribution to the next issue of the Stevey Press to you
as soon as possible. It's a quote from North Carolina state representative
Henry Aldridge. Aldridge was speaking during a house committee meeting. He
was speaking in support of eliminating money that North Carolina currently
provides to fund abortions for women who are raped and become pregnant. He
was claiming that women who are rapedcannot get pregnant. Here is what the 
North Carolina Republicansaid: "... The facts show that people who are
raped, who are truly raped,the juices don't flow, the body functions don't
work, and they don't get pregnant."
The reader thought it was obvious beyond question that the state rep's claim
was absurd, and that the rep fell into a certain category, namely right-wing
lunatics. As a right-wing lunatic, I object to your reader's thought process
and invite you to consider whether there is not a need to watch out for and
educate one's followers about the danger of stereotyped thinking. Probably
90% of the harmful ideas people hold are transmitted by mob psychology:
People are told that certain features identify an idea as lunatic (e.g. a
minor official from North Carolina believes it), and that anyone who doesn't
recognize these give-away features (to say nothing of those who actually
believe the idea) is an idiot if not a menace.  In the case before us, the
writer tacitly invokes stereotypes of southerners as nincompoops, and of
religious believers as nincompoops, the two classes overlapping.  And the 
writer feels a glow of smug self-righteousness and a comeraderie with other
sophisticates who share his disdain for religious rubes.
I invite you to consider that there is no obvious logical absurdity in the
idea that the body attempts to hinder the penetration and successful
transmission of semen during an act of forced intercourse. From an
evolutionary as well as a psychological point of view it makes a certain
amount of sense. There are many stranger things in human and animal biology.
Consider that women athletes who train too hard lose their period, as if the
body were forgetting it belonged to a woman. Feminists may not like the
idea, or perhaps they do, but it seems to be true. The state representative
who recited the rape-nonconception theory as fact undoubtedly did not make
it up out of thin air but came across it somewhere. Whether it is true or
not I have no idea, but this I do know: I would lay 5 to 1 that no
gynocologist would give us a straight answer to the question owing to the
intensity of political sentiment surrounding the issue.  I still remember
seeing a prominent health official, decked out in a white lab coat so as to
impress the viewer with his scientific credentials, scornfully telling the
newsman it was nonsense to believe you could get AIDs from a blood
transfusion. This was many years ago, and we have learned better since, to
our horror. But we should have had the good sense to distrust the MD in the
first place.  As the philosopher Wittgenstein said, when a scientist tells
you something that doesn't seem to make sense, don't dumbly nod your head in
assent in subservience to the god of science, but rather demand that he
clarify and state his grounds.  I admit to being a contrarian, and I love
nothing better than seeing the myths of the educated exploded. (Seeing the
myths of the uneducated exploded strikes me as equivalent to shooting fish
in a barrel, and rather cruel.)
In the example I have cited, the reader felt himself qualified to judge
medical nonsense, and, to make things worse, was willing to let the regional
background of the speaker weigh in the evidentiary process. Finally, he
evidently felt entitled to a "Here, here!" for his unmasking of yet another
case of abysmal ignorance. I suggest that this whole syndrome is itself very
dangerous, and is used by those who control the culture to create premature
dismissals of ideas that challenge the culture. So I hope you will add to
your agenda the aim of combatting this form of refutation by stereotype.
Thanks for reading! And good luck.

Peter Henderson
SNL Securities
p 804.977.1888 x418 

2. Matt writes;

Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 10:50:07 -0700 (MST)
From: Matt Birkholz <>
Subject: lastcall

> Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 10:39:17 -0500 (EST)
> [...]
> a two parter
> "Is the US energy policy sufficeint?

>From what little I know about it, it seems less than laissez faire.

>  Is the process for electing our president sufficient?"

Well... it succeeds more often than it fails, unfortunately.  I think we
should call this one a "toss up" and try again in 2004. 


3. Mike Redman writes

Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 21:20:32 -0500
From: Renee and Michael Redman <>
Subject: The Election

Hey Steve,

Long time no write.  I hope all is going well out in the great
Northwest.  Believe it or not, we actually have a winter storm warning
for heavy snow here in central North Carolina.  I can't wait.

Well, now about the election, or the lack thereof.  Obviosly this whole
thing is pretty much a statistical tie.  The next step should be to put
both Gore and Bush through some physical challenge.  I think arm
wrestling, or an army type obstical course would be nice.  Of course the
ultimate challenge could be an old fashioned duel.  Bring out the old
time black powered dueling pistols, the ones that were quite unreliable,
ten or twenty pases and fire.  However, if Gore lost, then the Democrats
would want the best two out of three.

Oh well, just a thought.  At least the whole mess would end in some kind
of finallity.

Sorry about the spelling errors.  Happy holidays.

Mike Redman

Quote(s) of the month:

"If our country stands for anything, its that every vote is sacred"
--Al Gore (Nov. 16), speaking of the Florida election results, and demanding  a recount in the three largest Dem counties, while denying that one is need for the rest of the state and having his legal team invalidate the ballots from overseas military installations.

"We are going to have a very stark difference in this election between me and my opponenet at the presidential level as to whether we continue the policies that have worked or we go a different direction. Gov. Bush's policies are basically against every gun safety measure and for concealed weapons in every setting, including church, and that is a very stark difference between us. "
-- Hillary Clinton, Sept 2000, Edgerton Mass fundraiser. [The reader may be confused here about what race Hillary thinks she's in. I was.]

Fix of the month:

"Can the country and Congress support whomever becomes our next President, and if not what can be done about it? 



1. Olympia, Oct 2: Hundreds of environmentalists protested outside the state campaign headquarters of the Big Oil presidential candidate.They were protesting the plans of the candidate to drill for oil on the burial grounds of the U'Wa indians along the Columbia river - to which the indians threatened mass suicide.

Another Bush protest? No. Said protester Kim Marks of Al Gore, "This is not the kind of president we need. We support Ralph Nader."

2. Seattle, Nov. 30: 140 protestors were arrested in the anniversary of last years World Trade Organization in the city.They were all cited for "failure to disperse" but thay argued that there was no way for them to disperse becuase the Seattle PD had them surrounded with mace wielding cops. They were released on Thursday after one-day's detention. The bus tunnels were also evacuated when pepper spray was released  in them, the cops and protesters accusing each other of the release.

3.Olympia Dec. 1: Finally the decision is made. Maria Cantwell (D) beat Slade Gorton (R) for US Senate by a scant 2000 votes. This means that the US Senate will be a 50/50 split if Bush wins the White House.

4. Seattle, Dec. 2: Next week, TA's and graders at the UW-Seattle are set to strike, as they have finally unionized and are demanding better pay and health care.


1. Madison, Oct.30: The 2000-2002 undergrad application brochure to the Univ. of Wisconsin shows a group of students cheering at a Badger football game. In the majority of white faces, one black male is seen in the lower left of the picture. The problem is, he was not really there. The original cover shot was all white, and admins thought that would send the wrong message (ie that Madison is not diverse). So, a 1994 photo of Diallo Shabazz was inserted digitally into the group of more recent students to create the proper "color" balance.

2. Hartford, 1 Dec: The constitutional conventions of probable cause, protection against unreasonable search and seizure, and prohibition of self incrimination, don't seem to apply to students in state public schools. My High School Sr. niece informs me that at school today, they had a "lock down", a quaint term borrowed from penitentories, where all lockers, back packs and cars of students were searched. 
Ed: No doubt next week, solitary confinement.

New York;

1. SUNY NYC, 1 Nov: The Univ tried to have a picnic honoring baseballs first black athlete Jackie Robinson. But black students protested, claiming that the word "picnic" refers to the lynching of blacks. Actually it comes from the French "piquenique" meaning an outdoor gathering where in people bring their own food. So the posters advertising the event were changed to say "outing". You guessed it, the gays demonstrated. In the end it was called the Jackie Robinson outdoor food event.

NYC, 30 Oct.: Gulf World magazine reports that it has proof that CBS Sports is adding taped songbird sounds to its "live" golf broadcasts. Expert birdwatchers noted that the birdsong heard was always the same whether the tournament was in Florida, California or Hawaii. Quite a flight for a sparrow.

Rhode Island;

1. Warwick, Nov: A six foot tall statue of Mr. Potato Head near City Hall was ordered to be taken down after complaintes were lodged that it "appeard" racist. The statue, which was dark skinned, with very white teeth, dressed in shorts and a Hawaian shirt welcomed people to the town. Complaints said, however, that it was reminiscnet of black "lawn boys" and as such had slavery overtones.

Washington D.C.

1. Nov.: While Al Gore and company proclaim that Bush/Cheny are both "big oil" men and hence would destroy the environment, a little known fact is that Cheny ran an oil company that got not one, not two, but three awards from EPA and in 1996 was named a "Green Lights Corporate Partner of the Year" for having exceptionally clean operations. In 1996, Al Gore himself presented Cheny with the Hammer Award for corporate citizenship.

2. Nov: The Dept of Ag. has released this late breaking alert. Henceforth, Swiss Cheese holes will have to average 3/8" diameter rather than the previous 11/16" guideline to be Grade A. Take your tape measure to the Grocery store.

3. Nov. : The Ag department says it needs more $$ for its foodstamp program, but an evil Rep. controlled House is relunctant to give it to them until the Dept. can find the missing $5 billion that it has not been able to account for since last year.


1. Nov.: A small island in the S. Pacific, Tuvalu consists of nine islands and was supposed to be flooding due to global warming. In fact, they were supposed to be submerged by now. Instead, sea level there has dropped 2.5 inches, and the docks and piers for the fishing boats are no longer long enough in low tide. The 11,000 people now want to join the United Nations, where it is said they will ask for aid to extend their fishing piers, which they did not do earlier becuase they were told the isalnds would flood. Now costs are higher than they can afford. 

Net News:

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