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January, 1995

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by Steve Langer (Ultrix)

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On last month's Fix; the answer to last month's Fix, "What are your personal fixes, ie. New Years resolutions?" is

I'll direct you all to the 'Letters' section. As for my resolutions, they are pretty modest:

You know, the usual.

On Rambling Thoughts of Govt.

This evening (Jan. 16), I listened to the ABC news as usual, but for some reason, this story just struck me. Let's see,

In Colorado, a Hispanic owned paving business won a contract for road construction even though their bid was the highest. The State, acting under Federal Affirmative Action guidelines, awards bids to minority owned businesses which may have bids 10% higher than their white competitors. The idea is that minority owned businesses are at an inherent disadvantage and unless the _white owned business_ can prove otherwise, the minority owned business is given the nod.

Now given that this is Martin Luther King day, a day devoted to a guy who had the radical idea that the country should become color blind and value people based on their character and ability, I wonder what King would say about a law that basically says,

"You minorities can't compete against whites without govt. help."

On Taxes;

I include the following post from the usenet news for some of you who may not have thought about how much money you 'donate' to Social Security. Keep in mind as you read this that the money that you are now paying is not _for you_. It is being used to pay for the people who are now on Soc. Sec. In fact, Soc. Sec. is more accurately described as a transfer payment from the working (young) to the retired (old) and there are numorous sources who are now saying that the fund will be broke around the year 2020.

From: (John C. Brunson)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.usa.constitution
Subject: Angry With Social Security
Date: 12 Jan 1995 10:39:34 -0800

Consider this:

Over your working lifetime you pay into the Social Security Program for approx. 43 years. If you are paid monthly, that is 516 seperate contributions YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYER make to Social Security. Let's do some math.

Assume that the Social Security percentage is 7.5% of your check.  Your
employer matches that number, so             +7.5%

Let's calculate    $40,000 / yr
                    X 0.15
                   $6,000 / yr = $500 / mo

Now, let's invest this money in a SAVINGS ACCOUNT each month at an annual
interest rate of 6% compounded monthly (0.5% per month).  Let's say you work
from age 22 to 65.  That's 516 months.  Here is the cash flow diagram:

                                                ^ F
         $500   $500    $500            $500    $500
         ^      ^       ^               ^       ^
         |      |       |               |       |
        0       1       2               515     516  months


Let's calculate the present value of this cash flow.

                 0.5%           0.5%
        P = (F/A)     $500 (P/F)    =  $1,211,257  (GASP!)
                 516            516    ^^^^^^^^^^
GOOD GRIEF! YOU WOULD HAVE $1.2 MILLION DOLLARS AT AGE 65!!! Now, you're at 65 years old and let's say you live to 85. You would like to know how much you can draw out each month until age 85 (240 months).

        $1.2 mil
      0 |     1 |     2 |           239 |   240 |  months
        V       V       V               V       V
         A       A       A               A       A

        A = (A/P)       $1.2 mil  =  $8,678 / mo

Let's say that this monthy amount is taxed at 20%.  After taxes:

                        $8,678 / mo
                        X  0.8
                        $ 6,942 / mo =  $83,307 per year

Will we ever see this money ?
Do you believe there is a problem ?
Is the government truly investing this money as they claim ?

If YOU are a conscious citizen, and believe in reform, let's come together as AMERICANS and shake the trees. Please copy this information and pass it on to your fellow Americans.

Please respond to email address:

      John Brunson         |      "I don't want the world       |       I just want your half."
       Atlanta, GA         |               -TMBG
On the Misery Index;

Last month I did not yet have the yearly (1994) figures for inflation and unemployment, now I do.

[ For those new readers out there, on the eve of Clinton's election [I made a bet with the readership of this rag that the misery index, [computed by adding up all the changes in the figures listed below, [would be worse after Clinton's first term. The wager was that if the [Misery Index (MI) got worse by x %, I would collect that portion of [income from the admitted Clinton voters and divvy it up among the [rest of us as an apology. If the MI was lower after Clinton, I would [take that percentage of my personal income and spread it among the [admitted Clinton voters. Oddly, not one Clinton voter had the courage [to risk their own money as they did the nation's, but I track the [MI anyway.

                           ---- Clinton years ---
                          |                      |
              | 1992    1993    1994    1995    1996
Unemployment  | 7.2%    6.6%    5.6%
Inflation     | 4.7%    2.8%    2.9%
Interest      | 7.7%    8.3%    9.1
Fed. Inc. Tax | 28%     48%     48%
(top margin)  |
FICA          | 15%     15%     15%
Cap Gains     | 28%     28%     28%
Gasoline      | $0.15   $0.20   $0.20
(per gallon)  |  (0)    (+33%)  (+33%)
 MI (totl)      90.6    141.4   141.6  

For the MI totals I simply sum the column percentages, norming the gas tax percentage to the base year. Of course, a more sophisticated analysis would weight the contributions by the fraction that Joe Average spends on each. I'll leave that work to my trusty detractors.

delta MI = (141.6 - 90.6)/90.6 = 56% worse

Of course, if the Rep. Congress now reduces taxes, I'm sure that Clinton will claim that the surging economy was due to his economic insight. "But wait", you scream, "the economy is already surging under the divine leadership of Bill Gates (oops) Clinton." Yeah, it is surging right along at a growth rate of about 4% which is exactly what it was under Bush in the fall of 1992. Of course back than you were told that we were in the worst shape since the Depression. But one thing is different now and there is no denying it. Unemployment is the lowest its been since Reagan's first term. Curiously though, the number of people below the poverty line is the highest it's been in this nation's history. What does that say about the 6 million jobs that Clinton said he has created (Jan. 24, State of the Union's speech)?

Does the term "burger flipping" ring any bells?

On Newt (the evil) Gingrich's Book Deal;

When Jim Wright was Speaker of the House in the 80's, Newt G. went after him about a shady book deal which was this:

It was a payoff.

Now publishing giant HarperCollins, owned by Australian Rupert Murdoch, has bought the rights to ghost write a book for Newt for about $1 Million. Dems, who about one month ago leapt upon Newt for mentioning the word "orphanage" are leaping on this yet to be completed book deal as an example of Newt's hypocrisy. With this background, I present the last part of a Cal Thomas editorial printed in the Jan. 1, 1995 Lansing State J.

Top Ten Ways Gingrich Can Give Liberals Apoplexy

10. Show up at the IRS with a check for the 40% taxes it will generate and say its his contribution to lower the national debt.

9. Show compassion for Jim Wright by buying 10,000 copies of his book and donating them to the nation's libraries.

8. Contribute the whole amount to Father Flannigan's Boy's Town.

7. Buy time on a network so the entire country can see Boy's Town with America's favorite orphan, Mickey Rooney.

6. Make a big contribution the Clinton legal defense fund so he can fight Whitewater and sexual harrassment charges.

5. Purchase a good security system for the White House.

4. Noting Rupert Murdoch's Aussie roots, contribute to a fund to care for orphaned kangaroos.

3. Buy some trees in the Amazon rain forest.

2. Buy thousands of Al Gore's book _Earth in the Balance_ and give them to the homeless to burn as fuel to stay warm.

1. And the number one best way for Newt to irritate liberals.

Enjoy himself and live well. They hate that.


The Truth about American's Sex Lives
by Dave Barry

[Note from the Editors: In dealing with this topic, Mr. Barry will be [forced to use certain frankly mature sexual phrases such as "throbbing" [and "burrito". So if you are a remotely moral person like the Extremely [Rev. Pat Robertson, you will stop reading this column right now. Thank you.

You have probably read about the sex survey. About 3500 random Americans were asked about their sexual behavior in the past year and it runs out that 97% had sex with Madonna. No, I'm kidding. It was only 93%.

But that was not the most surprising finding. Fifty four percent of the men surveyed said they think about sex daily. That's right - 54%. What can we conclude from this? That 46% of the men were lying because it is a known fact that all men think about sex a minimum of all the time and I include Secy. of State Warren Christopher. You see Warren on TV and he always has that frowny expression of a man that has just accidentally swallowed a live weevil, so that on the outside he looks like a serious govt. official; but just beneath the surface of his dark diplomatic suit Warren is, trust me on this, a bulging burrito of lust, no different from those small sex crazed dogs that attempt to mate with every female dog or human limb or furniture item they encounter.

[Note from the legal dept.: In the previous paragraph, Mr. Barry is not [suggesting that Mr. Christopher has ever had sex with furniture or is [in any sense a bulging burrito and we have the photos to prove it.

According to the survey, only 19% of the women say they think about sex daily. So the question is, what are the other 81% thinking about? I've discussed this topic with some guys and the only topic we could come up with was sports. We figure that when women get together on those so called "women's groups" they are actually running fantasy footbal leagues and they don't invite us guys becuase they know we'd never remember when it was our turn to bring the refreshments.

The survey also had reassuring findings regarding the frequency with which Americans are having sex. You get the impression from the media that this nation is just one big orgy. Turn on the TV every night and you'll see naked glistening bodies thrusting toward each other, and that's just Dan Rather and Connie Chung. So you probably think that everyone else is having way more sex that you are. But the reasurring truth is that some people are actually having less than you. Their names are Bud and Elaine Fiberhocker, and they are both in full body casts as a result of a trapeze related mishap at a hotel.

Everyone else is having way more sex than you, and I include your spouse in that statement.

[PS from the Publisher: If you were in any way offended by the frankness [of this writing, send us a letter and we will send you, as a token of [apology, "Mr. Chuckletrousers Has a Big Night" starring Warren [Christopher. Rev. Robertson, yours is already on the way.


1. From Sat Dec 31 20:18:50 1994 Subject: Cool! Judge says "Take a hike, G-guys".

For those on the Cool List (like Art) who don't remember the national TVnews coverage of David LaMacchia being publically reamed by the feds, here's a refresher from the "Issues Primer" written by the David LaMacchia Defense Fund (

        >>> The charge in the indictment:

             The indictment charges that David LaMacchia, by
        operating a computer bulletin board system, or "BBS", at
        M.I.T. during a period of some six weeks, thereby permitted
        and facilitated the illegal copying and distribution of
        copyrighted software by other unknown persons (presumably,
        the many computer users who logged onto the BBS). [...]
_Now_ you may be happy to hear that the government's indictment has been dismissed. (Funny, I don't remember hearing about the dismissal on national TVnews...)

Date: Sat, 31 Dec 94 11:55:31 -0500
From: "Brian A. LaMacchia"
Subject: Judge's ruling now on-line

Swiss folk--

In case you're interested in reading what the judge actually wrote, you can get your very own electronic copy from

There's also a link to it from the DLDF home page, along with other links to all the on-line case documents.

Matt Birkholz

2. Keeweenaw Paul clues us in on some new products.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 94 15:13:24 EDT
To: libernet libernet@Dartmouth.EDU
Subject: HempRella-new product

HempRella (tm) is the new cheese alternative made from Hemp Seeds! Just like cheese it's firm when cold and melts easily when heated. Plus it tastes great! Our special process uses imported Hemp Seeds that are steamed to satisfy the D.E.A. HempRella (tm) is from Sharon's Finest, the originators of the first 100% non-dairy, the first fat free, and the first tofu- and almond-based cheese alternatives:VeganRella (tm), Zero-FatRella(tm), TofuRella (tm), and AlmondRella (tm).

HempRella is legal in all 50 United States and all of Canada. It contains no THC or other drugs, and should not cause one to test positive for Marijuana. At least 5% of profits from the sale of HempRella(tm) will go to N.O.R.M.L., a long-established, national organization working to make the commercial use of Hemp legal and popular.

For more information contact:
Sharon's Finest
P.O. Box 5020
Santa Rosa, CA 95402-5020
Fax:(707) 545-7116
Phone: (707) 576-7050
Healthy Alternatives Answer Line:1-800-656-9669

Forwarded message:
From Fri Jan 20 05:06:35 1995
From: FringeWare Daily

Lamprey Systems
("Where Every User is a Beta Tester")
sends this release...I think we're gonna handle this at the FringeWare Store, most assuredly...


Not a paste! Not a gel! "Rupture the Rapture" contains over one megabyte of offensive graphics and heinous sound f/x's guaranteed to bring soothing relief to irritations caused by Christian Fundamentalists or DOUBLE your religious persecution back!


"Rupture the Rapture" patented V.W.A.R.E. (VolksWagen, Anti-matter Railgun-equipped) weapons system is a state-of-the-art particle accelerator capable of destroying Soviet SS-20 missiles. Imagine what it can do to the average Heaven-bound Bible-Thumper!


Or any other deity foolish enough to come into your crosshairs.


"Rupture the Rapture" runs on any Mac from the Plus to the Power with 2 megabytes of RAM and using System 6.05 or higher. It supports both monochrome and color Macintoshes; and is guaranteed .05% venom by weight.

That's $15, folks!

The FringeWare Store
PO Box 49921 Austin, TX 78765
512- 323-0039

3. Our former Man In Washington, Dr. Mike Grimm, has assumed a new identity and is slipping quietly offshore.

Howdy. Greetings from the Left Coast (er, West Coast). For the next few months, my E-mail address will be

The old one still works but probably won't be checked often. And my snail mail address -- important when I can't get to the net:

Dr. Jerry Michael Grimm
USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)
FPO AP 96612-2872

Dr. Jerry Michael Grimm
Unit 25059
FPO AP 96601-4303

Both work -- but very slowly. And use the Dr, as titles matter here.

  A reminder for letters for this month's "News". Also,  in the 
  interest of maintaining a lighter tone, I'd also appreciate  any 
  humorous anecdotes from your respective locales.  Try to keep
  them under 100 words each, if at all possible.

  And please include your response to last month's survey.

  "What are your personal  fixes (ie. New Year's Resolutions?"
My only real resolution is not to take an unannounced swimming lesson in the Western Pacific. Other resolutions include saving money and losing weight; of course, those are always resolutions for me.

Mike Grimm

4. And Keeweenaw Chuck pens

Subject: Winter Carny

Hi Steve,

I thought I'd let you know that Winter Carnival starts on Wednesday, February 1st. I have about 2.5 gallons of homemade Kahlua, and space if you want to crash on the couch. ;-)

Figured I'd better let you know in case you want to blow off work for a few days. (also, I think it's about 350 miles from the Twin Cities to here; about 7 hours drive)

    "What are your personal  fixes (ie. New Year's Resolutions?"
Ha! I don't make resolutions!


5. The following cryptic note from Los Alamos John requires some explanation. You see, those of you familiar with the hard copy _PPSA Newsletter_ can now get it on-line, complete with sounds and color pictures, via Mosaic. Just use the URL mentioned below. I strongly advise all of you to take a peek at what the future holds for both this rag and the PPSA.

Boy, you're out of it huh? Hehe...

Try me at


6. And Keeweenaw Paul has some more sobering news.


The following article may be of interest.

The background is this:

It is *legal* to broadcast on pretty much any band you want using CFR 47, part 15 rules so long as you do *not* interfere with the legitimate users of the band and stay within some fairly ludicrously low power requirements.

This same section allows for the popular "Maxon" FM "walkie-talkies", baby monitors, remote control toys, cordless phones, and the spread spectrum computer stuff.

Out in Berkeley (and starting to pop up in most major cities), people are starting to use the bands for legal (and license-free) low power broadcast stations. The most vocal proponent (who also sells all the equipment) is Free Radio Berkeley run by Stephen Dunifer.

The FCC is really miffed by Stephen and has decided to ignore all their own administrative rules and try to prosecute Stephen directly. This post contains the details of that legal altercation.

From: (Stephen Dunifer)
Subject: FCC Denied Injunction Against Stephen Dunifer
Date: 22 Jan 1995 16:22:57 -0800

Late this morning (Friday, January 20) in Federal District Court a motion for a preliminary injunction against Stephen Dunifer was rejected by Judge Claudia Wilken. If granted this injunction would have barred Stephen Dunifer from the operation of a micropower broadcast station. Judge Claudia Wilken stated she was concerned about the constitutional issues and ordered the FCC to go back to administrative remedy. According to a first impression by our attorneys this action places micropower broadcasting into a nether land of being neither legal or illegal. And, further, attempts by the FCC to shut down Free Radio Berkeley or other stations through police action could come very close to being construed as contempt of court since the judge ordered the FCC to exhaust administrative remedies first.

It was a sterling performance by the FCC General Counsel David Silberman who flew out from Washington, DC. If he mentioned irreperable harm once he said it at least 12 times during oral arguments, but failed to say what harm would take place. He accused the judge of not knowing what she was doing by not issuing the injunction - not a good way of endearing yourself to a federal judge, particularly if you may have to appear before her again. He said she was opening a whole can of worms and this could result in years of legal proceedings and such. We certainly hope so since we are planning on taking this case and others all the way to the top if necessary.

I will post more a detailed statement later.

The following is a statement from one our attorneys, Peter Franck.

/* ---------- "Fed Ct refuses to stop micro radio" ---------- */

This morning the United States District Court refused to grant the Federal Communications Commission an injunction against micro radio broadcaster Stephen Dunifer.

Dunifer is represented by Guild member Luke Hiken. The Guild's Committee on Democratic Communications appeared amicus for the Guild and the Media Alliance. Stating that substantial constitutional questions were raised by our challenge to the FCC regulations banning low power broadcasting (under 100 watts) Judge Wilken ordered the commission to rule on Dunifer's appeal of their $20,000 fine. The Commission will have to address the issue of the constitutionality of their regulations in ruling on that appeal. That appeal has been languishing in Washington for over a year.

The Court delayed further proceedings until the FCC acts on Dunifer's appeal. In the meantime the government's attempt to enjoin broadcasting by non-licensed micro radio has been put on hold.


"For the first time since the dawn of the Cold War, Russian missiles are no longer aimed at American children."

Bill Clinton, Jan. 24, 1995, State of the Union Address (2 days after Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes interviewed the Russian General in control of ICBMs who said that the missiles are still aimed at the U.S.)


"Is it our duty to bail out Mexico's failing economy? If so, how?"



1. Jan 24, Pine Island: The little town of about 2000 inhabitants 15 miles north of Rochester had an experience last week that while common elsewhere, has not been seen here before. Two boys, 14 and 15 years old, shot and killed a nineteen year old male at his home.

2. St. Paul, Jan 25: MN Chippewa tribes have succeeded in defending their claims to unlimited hunting and fishing rights in the state under the terms of a 1837 treaty. They are now peeved that WI Chippewas, seeing their success, are trying to duplicate their courtroom arguments to expand the WI tribe's hunting and fishing access to both WI and MN. Said one tribal lawyer, "They waited to see which way the wind would blow, and now they [the WI tribes] will benefit from our legal expertise without paying for it."

[Apparently, all is not peace and harmony among the earth brothers.


1. Little Rock, Jan 1: The President, on vacation and duck hunting, had a photo op for the reporters to show off the ducks he got with the shotgun which he said,

"... is just one of the many weapons which was not covered by the crime bill and is perfectly legal to own for legitimate hunting purposes."

[I see, so the Founders risked their lives in a revolution [just so they could write a Constitution that protected the [right to hunt. Interesting historical perspective.


1. Jan. 16: Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant, managed by EG&G Ortec for the DOE, has 'lost' $11 million in taxpayer bought computers, fork lifts and other equipment.

Wash D.C.;

1. Jan. 10: House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt (Dem.) announced his support today for a flat Federal income tax thus echoing the sentiments of House Majority Leader Newt (the evil) Gingrich (Rep. Georgia). For those of you who do not recall, the Dems. are responsible for the current 'progressive and fair' tax system which we currently enjoy and for the leading Dem. to come out for a flat tax is tantamount to a Rep. being pro-abortion.

2. Jan. 10: Secy. of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala underwent intense questioning today by a House committee and confessed that under current law, mothers who have demonstrated a repeated inability to care for their children will have them taken away and sent to orphanages.

Yes, it's true. And you all thought Newt (the evil) Gingrich thought this all up by himself.

3. Jan 24: In the State of the Union Address tonight, Clinton mentioned how he was proud to sign into law the Congressional Accountability Act which will make Congress live under the laws they pass on the rest of us. The press review afterwards made sure to mention that this was the same act that Congress tried to pass last year when the Dems were in control, but the evil Reps wouldn't let them, thus suggesting that is was hypocritical of the Reps to support this bill now.

Of course, this was not the same act at all. The Dem version had about 20 riders on it which contained, among other things, Congressional pay raises for staffers and the creation of a whole new agency to oversee the implementation. The Reps. didn't think all that was necessary. Of course, Dan Rather and Connie Chung neglected to mention this part.

4. Dec. 17, 1994, Detroit News: Ever neutral and unbiased, ABC's info-babe Cokie Roberts was the Mistress of Ceremony for Al Gore's 'Reinventing Government' awards banquet.

Net News;

1. In the following, Mr. Smith has some entertaining comments on the warrant that was served on the Branch Davideans. The warrant has only recently become unsealed.

Article: 16277 of alt.politics.usa.constitution From: (E. Michael Smith) Subject: Warrant makes me sick... You need to worry. (Was Re: Waco Trial...

In article <3eceul$> (Steve Kao) writes:

__The following property is concealed:__

A quantity of firearms, including but not limited to: an 
assortment of AR-15 rifles and AK-47 rifles, and parts 
thereof, along with a quantity of assorted machine gun 
conversion parts, which, when assembled, would be 
classified as machine guns, 
OK, so they might have not paid the (now infamous) tax.

machinery and implements used 
or suitable for use in converting semi-automatic weapons 
to fully automatic and for constructing destructive 
devices such as pipe bombs, and homemade grenades, this 
machinery would include, but not limited to metal lathes 
and milling machines, 
GAK! My high school Shop is in BIG TROUBLE!

.50 caliber anti-tank rifle 
Come again? ".50 caliber ANTI-tank rifle"? Mighty wimpy tank! A fifty shell is about the size of a large man's FINGER (not a banana ...) and most tanks I've ever seen were not vulnerable to them...

grenade launchers, practice rifle grenades, practice 
Grenade launchers? Are they illegal? But the Real Fun: PRACTICE grenades are verboten? Oy! My children must be felons!! They have plastic PHASERS!!! ;-)

Seriously, what is the implied 'crime' in having an inert 'practice' grenade? I'm lost...

hand grenades, various chemicals, including but not 
limited to black powder, igniter cord, aluminum metal 
powder and potassium nitrate, magnesium metal powder, 
metals in various forms, 
Oh Dear. The local hardware store is in trouble too... And don't even think about the local paint/welding shops.

inert "pineapple" type hand grenades
Er, 'inert' grenades again ... I'm getting dizzy ...

, pipe bombs and parts thereof, and other suitable 
casings of unknown description which, when assembled, 
would be classified as destructive devices as those terms 
Er, again the local hardware store is in DEEP SHIT! They have pipes, pipe caps, Potassium Nitrate (stump remover), flowers of sulpher, carbon (charcoal), and all of it with about 40 feet of each other!!! Gads, EVERYTHING you need to make PIPE BOMBS, sitting RIGHT THERE ON THE SHELF WHERE ANYONE CAN GET IT!!!! CALL THE BATF !!!!

(I'm serious about the stuff. At OSH, on Branham lane, in San Jose, you will find ALL the listed things. Pipes, KNO3, S, C, and the tools to do the assembly. ALL of it.)

documentary and computerized evidence of receipt, 
ownership and instructions for converting semi-automatic 
firearms into machine guns, and the construction of 
improvised explosive weapons, 
Oh dear! So now KNOWLEDGE is criminal?!? Hey, anyone with a brain can figure out how to convert a gun to full auto. Anyone without a brain is forbidden to buy a book?

So the $16.99 I spent at Barns and Nobel to buy 'Small Arms of the World' (which is complete with diagrams of the mechanisms from which anyone with a decent high school shop class could make a decent cut at it...) was spent not (as I thought it was...) on an interesting book of the history of weaponry for the armchair WWII buff, but was instead the stuff that criminals are made of?

including computer hardware, 
peripheral equipment and software containing files and 
directories and the information thereon.  This is to 
include any disks, manuals, printouts and other assorted 
computer equipment.
Oh dear, and if the BATF ever takes a look at rec.pyrotechnics and realizes that 'how to make a bomb and explosives' is discussed from time to time, then I guess that it will give them the right to assault any and all computers that have a NEWS FEED.

This is just nuts.

Look, I've done my stupidity bit (got myself blown up once helping a friend make some fireworks) so I'm not worried about the BATF giving me grief (since I'm careful NOT to do anything stupid or on the edge of illegal ...) but when they justify a search based on INFORMATION and CAPABILITY we are in DEEP SHIT.

With a decent brain, you have all the info you need to MAKE anything. Hell, full auto's were being made what, 100 years ago? On damn primitive equipment. And explosives for even longer... This IS NOT 'rocket science'...

I with some regularity post how to make some explosive materials, AND WHY IT IS A BAD THING TO DO (along with my 'tale of woe'. Now I find out that means that any computer that holds that info is subject to generating a search warrant? Gads.

BTW, anyone interested in a Really Neat and damn near trivial sub-machine gun should get "Small Arms of the World" by 'Edzell'? and look up the Danish sub-machine gun. Damn near trivial. Couple of sheet metal stampings for the clamshell that makes the receiver, one square bolt with trivial machinings, a dozen or so small stampings (extractor, trigger, etc.), a couple of springs, and a turned barrel. Looked like you could make it in about 5 hours in a decent shop. (You'd have to bend the sheet metal on brakes rather than stamp it, though... unless you have a Really Nice shop!) Oh, and you need a bolt to hold the barrel in...

Well, sorry for the rant, but I'd never seen the warrant before. I'd just ASSumed that it had some claims in it that were, well, substantial. Having 'knowledge' and 'capability' and maybe even some pipes and machine tools, along with some toy grenades and some legal semi-autos just seems incredibly thin ...

E. Michael Smith
Manager of Stuff
Cygnus Support

2. Art's humor list.

Date: Sat, 7 Jan 1995 12:01:07 (PST)
From: Randy Cassingham
Subject: THIS JUST IN for 1 January 1995

THIS JUST IN for 1 January 1995 Copyright 1995 by Randy Cassingham

(Due to a request from the author of this material, it has been removed from this issue. - Webmaster)

Date: Sun, 8 Jan 1995 22:27:26 -0500
From: bfeld@id.WING.NET (Bradley Feld)
Subject: For the stupid list

MARKET RESEARCH, MICROSOFT STYLE After years of getting away with products that are so failure-prone, one out of three doesn't work straight out of the box, computer manufacturers are now swamped with appeals for help from home PC buyers. In an effort to do some real home market research, Microsoft sent a product team to five households to see what really happens in the home computing environment. "We found surprising things, like people doing budgets in the word processor rather than the spreadsheet because the spreadsheet was too intimidating. They would calculate the stuff by hand and then type it into the computer, using the tab keys to set up columns." (Forbes 1/16/94 p.88)

3. I include the following interesting tidbit for those of you non-physicists who nevertheless have an interest in possible methods to achieve cheap energy.

Article: 2112 of sci.physics.research

This is a "Physics News Update" distributed by Phillip Schewe of AIP Public Information. For those who want to receive PNUPs via email, mail with a blank subject line and the command "add physnews" in the body, and you will be added to the distribution list.

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A digest of physics news items by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein Number 209 January 8, 1995 - American Institute of Physics


In sonoluminescence carefully tuned sound waves cause bubbles in a fluid to oscillate; in the collapsing part of this motion the bubbles emit short (50 psec) bursts of light, most likely by some implosion effect. At a recent meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Livermore physicist William Moss presented computer simulations which show that peak temperatures (as high as 1 million K) and pressures inside the bubbles could, with further experimental refinements, be sufficient to support nuclear fusion reactions. Experiments at several labs have not been able to measure such high temperatures; nor have they observed neutrons, an important product of nuclear fusion. One current experiment, at Livermore, is using bubbles filled with deuterium rather than air. (Science, 16 December 1994.)

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